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Vin Diesel Looks Back On 'The Fast and the Furious' Franchise

Vin Diesel revealed his experience about being cast in the first 'The Fast and The Furious' movie and shared a nostalgic story with the late Paul Walker

By Ingrid Mateos


Vin Diesel (AP)

Vin Diesel has been the star in many movies like XXX, Saving Private Ryan, and even in The Chronicles of Riddick. But you can't deny that his most prolific character has been Dominic Toretto throughout the 'The Fast and Furious' franchise. More recently, the American actor spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming movie which will be the ninth installment of the franchise, but also, delved in the past films.

About how they approached him for the first movie, Vin Diesel recalled that it was revealed to him that there was a plan for a movie about illegal streetcar races and a character “who's a tough guy, outlaw, with a heart and a code.” He immediately said yes. But some time later he read the script but it was not what he expected "I'm conflicted here because this script is not what I thought it would be." he declared.


Apparently Universal had something up since they reached another screenwriter, David Ayer “I appreciated that he was able to see the complexities of the character... And some other characters needed some fine-tuning as well, like the Letty character. I'm just so lucky they were open to it all and that they really wanted me to feel great and confident about it. That's not the normal Hollywood story — but my Hollywood story has never been the normal Hollywood story."

The actor also recalled an experience he lived with the late Paul Walker (who ironically, died in a car accident.) Vin Diesel described how he and Walker went to Mexico for an MTV Show and people did not notice them while they were sitting on the floor at an airport “bags to the side, legs stretched out, thousands of people walking by, walking over us. Now he had already had some films out, so he was a little more familiar with what was to come, and he said, 'Vin, take all of this in. Take in the fact that all these people are just walking by us.' I said, 'Why,' and he said, 'Because when this movie comes out, our anonymity will be gone.' It was so telling, and it was so surreal, how he knew."

And in fact, Paul Walker knew what was coming. Now after two decades of the release of the first The Fast and the Furious, we are waiting for the F9 release since it has been delayed due to COVID-19 but we have got a glimpse of what we can expect thanks to Vin Diesel who has shared more info about it by saying it is more special than ever. “To see family members you never thought you would have seen, it's gonna kind of blow your mind. We've been wanting to know, where was Dom before he became Dom? Who were his influences? That's going to be really rich with story, and a lot of fun to see."

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