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Tom Welling Wants To Play Superman With Robert Pattinson's Batman

Can you imagine Tom Welling finally suited up as the Man of Steel? The actor is open to the idea and expressed he wants to play alongside Robert Pattinson in 'The Batman'

By Ingrid Mateos

- May 07 , 2021 - 14:20 hs
Tom Welling

Tom Welling (Warner Bros)

'Somebody save me!' Before Henry Cavill stole everybody's hearts there was another actor that caught the attention of the fans. The American actor Tom Welling, who played Clark Kent in the super-hero series 'Smallville' recently revealed his thoughts about the upcoming Batman project.

And, if you have been living under a rock, you must know that we had to say bye-bye to Ben Affleck, and Robert Pattinson is set to play Bruce Wayne in the reboot of the franchise. The film, directed by Matt Reeves stars Pattinson as the main protagonist alongside Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Barry Keoghan, Jayme Lawson, Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell.


Welling talked in an interview with 'El Mundo Geek de Ernestoneitor' about reprising his role as Clark Kent, recalling that not long ago he wore again the cape, so to speak, in 'Crisis of Infinite Earths' but when asked if he would like to appear in others films like 'The Flash' which will premiere in 2022 Welling is not reluctant to the idea but it appears he prefers to appear next to his long-time friend Robert Pattinson. "Yeah, I think that would be cool," Welling said. "My buddy Rob Pattinson, he is going to be the new Batman. I would love it. It would be fun to be the Superman that shows up in his movie, just because he is a friend of mine. Yeah, who knows?"

Also, it has been reported that Robert Pattinson's Batman is set in an alternate Earth that separates completely his connection from the one from Affleck and Cavill. Is it possible that Tom Welling is not far from the truth? Somehow, Tom Welling playing Clark Kent for ten years from 2001 to 2011 and being part of one of the most successful series of DCC must have its merit right? (Also, we can say 'Smallville' was the pioneer of the DC series but let's stay humble here)

Smallville followed a young Clark Kent before he was suited. In fact, in the series, Welling never wore the famous red and blue suit. And as every teenager, the series chronicled Clark's love interests, how he started to develop his powers and how he struggled to belong to this world. Anyway, Tom Welling's co-star Michael Rosenbaum, who played villainous Lex Luthor in Smallville revealed that there have been discussions about continuing the story in an animated series. "Well, Tom Welling and I had the idea of Smallville returning as an animated series, so we'll see if that ever happens, but we'll try to get that going," Rosenbaum revealed.

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