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Scoop: Who will and who won't be returning to the Sex and the City reboot

Some sources have come with shocking revelations regarding the Sex and the City reboot; who will return, and who won't make it back to deal with Carie and her friend's dramas

By Miguel Robles

- May 21 , 2021 - 20:47 hs
Sex and the City

Sex and the City (HBO)

The Sex and the City revival is really close to become a reality, and while production is getting ready to start filming, there is a revolution amongst fans who are still driving through speculation as they try to digest some rumors and even make sense out of them. We already know Kim Cattrall won't be a part of the show as the iconic Samantha Jones, and one of the pivotal characters of the beloved HBO show.

However, there has been speculation about whether other critical characters of the show will also be included in this new take on the franchise, which will be titled “...And Just Like That”. Case in point, Chris Noth, who won't be appearing in the reboot as Mr. Big, news that of course made all the fans go jaw-dropping.

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Besides John Corbett, who went on to disclose (at the displease of Sarah Jessica Parker) that he was returning to Sex and the City, but also went on to comment that he was appearing in what it seems a long arc, in multiple episodes. Nonetheless, another leaker has surfaced and mentioned which one of the men are really going to be back on the show. What he said, undoubtedly made fans really, really happy: “Viewers will definitely see Big, Aiden and Steve.”


Having Carrie dealing with both of her biggest love interests is actually the promise of juicy and spicy drama on the show. On the other hand, knowing that David Eigenberg will be returning to Sex and the City, to play Miranda's longtime hubby, certainly assures some level of stability too. So, these are unquestionable good news for all fans and followers of the franchise.

And even though all this sounds terrific, there are still questions about Charlotte's husband, Harry; a character that has become one of the most beloved men in the show, played by the highly talented Evan Handler. Sure, he was not on the show for the same amount of time as the others, but we're hoping the production won't have a planned lame offscreen divorce for Charlotte.

The sources have also revealed another name that won't be on the show, which by the way it could be considered the medular spine for Carrie's sense of style: Patricia Field. The costume designer responsible for several looks in the show that have become iconic, and who also worked for the immensely popular film “The Devil Wears Prada”, for the first time won't be in charge of the style of Carrie and the other ladies.

According to the source, Patricia has her focus now on the show “Emily in Paris”, however 'we couldn't help but wonder...' if this has something to do with the fact that apparently she is 'true friends' with Kim Cattrall, and somehow she offered loyalty on her amidst the brawl between her and Sara Jessica Parker. Same sources have revealed Molly Rogers will be her replacement.

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The source also made a shocking revelation, saying that Samantha won't be killed of the show, but ultimately her friendship with the other gals, will end up the same way it started. She is simply moving in a different direction than the other three ladies.

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