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Robert Pattinson Was Almost Fired From 'Twilight' Because He Was Acting 'Too Emo'

Remember the first 'Twilight' movie where Rob Pattinson portrayed a brooding Edward Cullen? Well, he was almost fired because he was acting 'too emo' 

By Ingrid Mateos

- February 12 , 2022 - 19:41 hs
Robert Pattinson in Twilight

Robert Pattinson in Twilight (Summit Entertainment)

Many years have passed and 'Twilight' remains one of those films that we hate to love. Fortunately for the die-hard fans, 2021 and 2022 have come with a lot of surprises, including a 'Twilight' renaissance where fans are re-discovering the films, the plot, and the actors.

We recently watched Kristen Stewart portray Princess Diana in 'Spencer', meanwhile, Robert Pattinson is working on 'The Batman' (plus, Taylor Lautner recently got engaged). Having said this, it is quite curious how the actors have moved on from the saga and yet, they are still asked about it, probably because it was thanks to it that they launched their acting career.

Who does not remember the brooding Edward Cullen falling in love with Bella Swan while Jacob Black was fighting the vampires as a werewolf? Well, talking more specifically about Robert Pattinson, during a recent interview with GQ he revealed that he almost got fired from Twilight because he was acting too emo.

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However, Robert Pattinson also admits that 'acting emo' was the best way to approach the character. "I do think there's something in that first movie," Pattinson said "You can see that people were taking it seriously and it kind of has a passion to it."

Rob added that in fact, he was doing it that way because he wanted to portray Edward in an 'artsy' way.

“I was 21, and kind of wanted to make it as arty as possible. And so we had this strange tension where the studio was kind of a little bit scared to make things a little too emo and stuff and I thought that was the only way to play it.”

Pattinson also recalls during the interview that in the present day he can't believe how he was acting there, and claims that maybe it had something to do with his age when filming Twilight. “It just seems so ridiculous talking about it now because I was literally, I spent so much time infuriated,” the actor continued. “That’s definitely something about being 21 as well because I can’t believe how I was acting half the time.”

Now he can remember it with a smile on his face, but then he also mentions that there was a very specific scene where his manager visited the set and he thought he was doing everything in a perfect way. He was wrong, because he was told that he needed to change, or he would be fired.

“Like when I think back on it, the scene where Edward introduces Bella to his family for the first time, I remember that being the day because my agent and my manager came up for a surprise visit, and I was like, ‘oh hey,’ and just thought everything was fine and then at lunch, they were like, ‘okay, so whatever you’re doing right now, after lunch, just do the opposite or you’ll be fired by the end of the day.’”

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