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Nicola Coughlan Says Bridgerton Season 2 Will Be a 'Whole Lot Spicier'

Nicola Coughlan, who plays the amazing Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton, has revealed that the upcoming season will be spicier than the first one and we just can't wait for it

By Ingrid Mateos

- September 18 , 2021 - 13:13 hs

Bridgerton (Netflix)

If you thought the first season was hot, the second one will melt the audience! You have heard about Bridgerton, right? The most acclaimed Netflix series that has gathered more than 82 million viewers breaking all the know records. Well, it looks like the upcoming second season has a great chance to break this record since it has now been revealed that the second is going to be even more NSFW. Sadly, we learned that Regé-Jean Page is not returning for the second season, but that does not mean that he was the only one serving as eye candy to the audience.

In a recent interview with EW, Irish actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays sweet Penelope Featherington, revealed her thoughts about the series and about what is happening while we wait for Bridgerton season 2. It's such an exciting thing when you do a show that anyone watches and connects to. But the level at which people connected to Bridgerton and the scale is really mind-blowing. I think we really went in more relaxed, which I know maybe some people wouldn't," the actress noted.

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Bridgerton season 1 earned 12 Emmy nominations, and about this, Nicola Coughlan revealed that made her co-stars feel motivated to continue giving a great performance. "I think we felt so much love from the fans of the show and support. Also, the book which this season is based on is like the big fan favorite," the actress said, referring to the popular sequel, The Viscount Who Loved Me, which follows eldest Bridgerton sibling Anthony as he embarks on a journey to find a suitable wife but things are not as planned when he meets Kate.

 “Kate is such a fiery character," Coughlan teased. "She's like this strong, independent woman. We really wanted to get to that and the fact that we get to tell [it] is a real privilege. I think there's also the fun of a second season that you don't have to do the exposition in order to be like, 'This is the world of Bridgerton.' People get what Bridgerton is now, and it's become this phenomenon, which is bonkers. But yeah, people know what they're heading into, but they are not ready."

(In case you have not watched season 1, watch out, spoilers ahead) If you recall correctly, at the end of the first season we learned that Penelope is actually, the mysterious Lady Whistledown, and about it, Nicola Coughlan reveals what we should expect from this turn of events. It's got a whole lot spicier I will say. You definitely see more sides to her. We find out at the end of season 1 [that she's Lady Whistledown], that is there but we don't get to explore it. But the world cracks open," Coughlan teased. "I feel like the Bridgerton world has grown and you're going to see a lot more sides to her. She's a sassy chick."

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