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Mortal Kombat's new reboot trailer: caution is advised!

A new adaptation on Mortal Kombat's franchise is coming to theaters and streaming platforms on April 2021, are we ready to take on all those 'fatalities'?

By Jose Contreras


Mortal Kombat (Warner Bros.)

Today, world renowned distribution company, Warner Bros., has released the first official trailer for the new action-adventure (...and horror?) film, based on the popular videogame “Mortal Kombat. Filled with scenes full of emotion, blood and pseudo-tradition previously sketched in game, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema have released the new trailer hoping that it will be enjoyed by both fans and those who are not.

With only two months until its official release, the new movie from the acclaimed video game "Mortal Kombat" has its first official trailer for the well-known franchise. In August 95 a first adaptation came out, directed by Paul Anderson, known for having directed movies like many from Resident Evil movie adaptations. Despite the fact that the film came out back then as a PG-13 film, the first adaptation of this videogame was notable for having reached $122 million internationally despite having a budget of 18 million, not counting earnings within its home country.

This new version, which has been made for an adult audience, has a much larger budget than the first, and has a cast that includes “Battleship” and Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hogun's actor, Tadanobu Asano, as well as other members such as Lewis Tan, Josh Lawson, Jessica McNamee, among others.

Warner Bros.

The new production from New Line, and distributed by Warner Bros., will be directed by Simon McQuoid who will be making his directorial debut in this adaptation. The target audience for this new release is mainly those people who knew the video game in their youth, and those who learned about the bloody world of Mortal Kombat through the films produced throughout its cinematic history. That is the reason this upcoming film is rated R.

Unlike other versions, this upcoming film's plot centers on an entirely new character, Cole Young, who has a dragon-shaped mark on his body, laying the grounds for establishing the canon and the general context in which the movie unfolds. Apart from this character, other endearing characters from the video game appear in the trailer, such as Sonya Blade, Liu Kang, Jax, as well as famous antagonists from the series, Sub-Zero and Goro, among others. We advise that this film is R-rated and should only be seen by adult audiences, one more time, caution is advised:

This film is planned to be released on April 16, 2021, and its release will be both in theaters and on the streaming platform, HBO Max. Whether or not we were ready, the new adaptation offers a different approach to other installments of the saga. Even so, it continues to show those characteristic elements such as its exciting and fantastic fight scenes. In addition, the trailer shows the main hook that established the franchise as one of the best known in the world of video games: 'Fatalities', creatively gore scenes.

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