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Loki Has Been Confirmed As Gender Fluid In The New Disney+ Series

Thanks to a new clip on social media, we have learned that in the upcoming Disney+ series 'Loki,' the God of Mischief is referenced as gender-fluid

By Ingrid Mateos


Loki (Disney+)

One of the most beloved Marvel villains will return with his own Disney+ series and thank heavens that we will see Tom Hiddleston reprise the role as the God of Mischief. At the moment the actor has not addressed what we just learned but we are sure that at some point (our best guess is in an interview) he will talk about it.

For those who have read the comics, or at least know something about Norse mythology, Loki as a gender-fluid should not come as a surprise at all. The new revelation can be spotted in a blink-and-you-miss-it second in one of the most recent promos of the Disney+ series. The revelation can be read in a paper and what's written after “Sex.” Instead of “Male” or “Female,” Loki’s file reads “Fluid.” Loki is a shapeshifter in Norse myth and the Marvel comics. His genderfluidity was confirmed in 2013 in the comics, but this is the MCU's first acknowledgment.


We have seen that Loki has the ability to disguise himself impersonating people as he did in Thor 2 when he shaped himself as Captain America, Does this new revelation mean that we will get to see Lady Loki, the character that appears in the comics? While all kinds of speculations are in the air, we will just have to wait and watch the series. About the revelation, Michael Waldron, the writer of the series revealed to Inverse that it was time to finally address this. “I know how many people identify with Loki in particular and are eager for that representation, especially with this character, We worked really hard.”

If that is not enough information for you a fan account tweeted  about it and Waldron retweeted it., "MCU Loki finally being [canonically] under the trans umbrella makes me as a trans person feel so valid. This is why representation is so important. Loki being genderfluid is a big step in the right direction for positive LGBTQ+ representation in popular media.”

And even for those who have are mad about this new information about the Trickster, in one of the comics Odin refers to Loki as  “My son, my daughter, and my child who is both,” If Odin all father says it, it must be truth  The upcoming series will follow Loki story from where we last saw him. In Avengers Endgame when he takes the Tesseract and disappears. In the promos and few interviews, we learned that he is recruited by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and that Owen Wilson as Mobius will have an important role here.

About the series, Tom Hiddleston revealed to EW that "It's a series about time, and the value of time, and what time is worth, and I suppose what the experience of being alive is worth." The actor also revealed that Kevin Feige´s idea was to find a way to explore Loki's story without his brother Thor “or see him in a duality or in relationship with others, which I thought was very exciting,"

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