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Johnny Depp Admits He Has Never Seen Pirates of the Caribbean Amid Amber Heard Trial

During the defamation trial against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp revealed that he has never watched Pirates of The Caribbean despite being one of his greatest projects

By Ingrid Mateos

- April 20 , 2022 - 16:11 hs
Johnny Depp, Pirates Of The Caribbean

Johnny Depp, Pirates Of The Caribbean (AP, Disney)

Many are the revelations made during the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard saga where the actor is suing his ex-wife for defamation after she wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post claiming he was an abuse survivor.

From drug abuse on both sides, to how Amber Heard threatened to commit suicide if Johnny decided to leave her, many are the tales newly unveiled one more serious than the other. However, there have been certain statements that have made the fans smile with a surprise, like Johnny Depp's friend Isaac Baruch.

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Nevertheless, what has caught the fans' attention is that Johnny Depp has revealed he has never watched the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' movies.

When talking about Johnny Depp's films many are the ones acclaimed by the critics such as 'Sweeney Todd', 'Alice in Wonderland, or the classic ones where he worked with Tim Burton like 'Edward Scissorhands.' Well, 'Pirates of The Caribbean' certainly marked a before and after in the actor's acting career placing him as a favorite when talking about adventure movies (despite he was already loved by his large fanbase.)

Portraying Jack Sparrow caused a huge impact on the audiences, and even on himself since he named his son 'Jack' just like the character. But, knowing that he is a bit eccentric, should we be surprised that Johnny Depp has never seen 'Pirates oF the Caribbean'?

When testifying in the Fairfax County Courthouse in Virginia, Johnny Depp talked a bit about how his life changed after the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' changed his life, despite not watching the film.

“Captain Jack Sparrow can do things that I could never do. He could say things that I could never say. So it was for me, a way to stretch the parameters of a character and take a risk in doing that.” the actor said.

He continued comparing it to Bugs Bunny. “But if it panned out, and I felt I was on a pretty good mission, I thought that it might be a character who would be accepted by five-year-olds and 45-year-olds, 65-year-olds and 85-year-olds in the same way that Bugs Bunny is.”

Later, he then adds that he thought Pirates of The Caribbean did pretty well and Disney wanted more. 'I had quite different ideas about the character, so I incorporated my notes into the character and brought that character to life. Much to the chagrin of Disney, initially.'

He said,: 'I didn't see it. But I believe that the film did pretty well, apparently, and they wanted to keep going, making more and I was fine to do that.”

Fans took social media to share their thoughts. “Johnny Depp not seeing Pirates of the Caribbean sounds accurate lol. Some actors get embarrassed watching themselves. He's said multiple times he doesn't watch his movies!” said one fan while another added, “I've never watched any of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, but after listening about Captain Jack tonight I'm going to watch them now lol.”

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