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Joaquin Phoenix's next movie will be directed by Ari Aster

“Hereditary” director will work together with “Joker” star Joaquin Phoenix in the new film “Disappointment Blvd”

By Ingrid Mateos


Joaquin Phoenix - Joel C Ryan (AP)

We know the American film director Ari Aster from “Hereditary” and “Midsommar” films. Both were triggering and fuelled with horror and probably this is what we will get this time with his next movie “Disappointment Blvd” featuring Actor Joaquin Phoenix.

Although Aster declared he does not want to be described as a horror director only, what we know about the film is that it will include some dark comedy. A  “four-hour nightmare comedy,” according to him, which is based on his 2011 short Beau. “Disappointment Blvd” had rumors about it last year. The first title for it was “Beau is afraid” The story follows Beau, telling us the story about his mother's death in rare circumstances. He is encountered with various supernatural experiences and learns about his past and the father he never knew. The main character is a really paranoid and anxious man and well, who better than Joaquin Phoenix to portray such an interesting character. Phoenix is also known for his critically acclaimed performances in films such as Gladiator, Walk the Line, The Master, Her, and You Were Never Really Here.


Aster went as far as declaring it was the wildest thing he has written, and well, enough has been said if you already watched his two previous films. Insiders said the company behind Uncut Gems, Midsommar, Lady Bird, Moonlight, Ramy, Euphoria and more, A24 is again, financing Aster's project. Aster and Lars Knudsen are set to produce the film with A24 through their Square Peg production banner. A24 Has made no comments yet about this but the plot is described as “an intimate, decades-spanning portrait of one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time.”

“It’s a shame that the genre has such a bad reputation among the ‘elite’ Aster told back in 2018 when speaking about Horror cinema ”you need to distinguish whether a film is a celebration of the genre or an elevation of the genre."

This speaks volumes about Ari Aster's works since it is well known everywhere that Phoenix chooses his acting roles very carefully, and, furthermore, since Joaquin was the winner recipient of an Oscar Award, well, Bravo for Aster. This is Phoenix's first job post-Oscar Award but we can watch him in C’mon C’mon, which he shot in 2019. No date to start filming has been revealed, actually, information about this is really thin, but probably we will have to wait for Phoenix to finish his work with Ridley Scott filming “Kitbag” a periodic epic film.

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