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Helena Bonham Carter Awkwardly Reveals Daniel Radcliffe Wrote Her A Love Letter

Some fans were speechless after learning that a young Daniel Radcliffe had a crush on Tim Burton's ex Helena Bonham Carter

By Ingrid Mateos

- January 02 , 2022 - 16:02 hs
Helena Bonham Carter, Daniel Radcliffe

Helena Bonham Carter, Daniel Radcliffe (AP)

There's only one step from hate to love, or at least, in this case, there is also a step from fiction to reality. After twenty years, you must have heard that Helena Bonham Carter played Bellatrix Lestrange one of the evilest witches in the Harry Potter franchise (she was a bit looney if we are being honest) while Daniel Radcliffe played Harry Potter himself, the boy-who-lived and who was the key for the wizarding world to have a happy ending. Their characters hated each other, but in real life, it seems that things could not be more different.

Let's keep in mind that back in the day, most of the young protagonists were amid the hormonal crisis that comes within the teenage years. It sounds cute if you have passed those years already but for Daniel Radcliffe, the past has come to haunt him because in the 'Harry Potter: Return To Hogwarts' reunion Helena Bonham-Carter sat with him and revealed to the fans that Daniel Radcliffe wrote her a love letter declaring his love.

During their chat, Bonham Carter said that she had asked Radcliffe for an autograph during their time filming together.

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Helena then passed him her phone and made him read the picture she took of the love letter. "Dear HBC, it was a pleasure being your costar and coaster, in the sense that I always ended up holding your coffee," the note read. "I do love you and I just wish I'd been born 10 years earlier. I might've been in with a chance. Lots of love and thanks for being cool."

Daniel Radcliffe was hesitant to read the last part of the letter but Helena sweetly encouraged him to continue. "You can share," she said while laughing. In the end, she reflected on how cute the whole situation was and how she had that letter in a place in her home. "Isn't it nice? I shall always treasure that. That is in my toilet, Dan," she added.


Despite it is not specified when the note was written, at the time of writing the love letter he was probably 17 while she was 40. However, now both are adults and friends of each other with Daniel Radcliffe and Helena Bonham Carter having an age gap of 23 years. (Worse things we have seen, haven't we?)

Elsewhere in the special Radcliffe admitted that he grew up while filming the Harry Potter saga and that most of his romantic life happened in it. “Every part of my life is connected to Harry Potter,” he explained. “My first kiss is connected to someone here. My first girlfriends were here. It all spirals out from the part of set somewhere.” He also noted that filming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was “peak hormone” time for most of the cast.

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