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Halle Berry Is Remembering Her Iconic James Bond Bikini Decades Later

Halle Berry talked about her most iconic looks and obviously, the amazing orange bikini she wore on the James Bond film was included 

By Ingrid Mateos

- November 27 , 2021 - 09:41 hs
Halle Berry, James Bond

Halle Berry, James Bond (AP, Universal Studios)

While James Bond and the actors that incarnate the fearless character will always be remembered and hold a very special place in the cinema industry, the same could be said about the Bond Girls who not only have stolen our hearts but also amaze us for their beauty and skills when being on the adventure.

Many are the ones who have portrayed the Bond girl of your dreams. From Eva Green to Léa Seydoux but also Rosamund Pike and Monica Bellucci, these ladies know how to portray James Bond's interest and companion.

One fan favorite is the one and only Halle Berry who portrayed Giacinta "Jinx" Johnson in 2002s 'Die Another Day'. Much could be said about her plot alongside Pierce Brosnan's James Bond, however, in a recent interview the actress spoke about what she thinks is a highlight in the film and that she bets is something that most fans remember: Halle Berry's bikini.

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As part of Vogue’s Life in Looks series, Halle Berry talked about 12 of her most iconic looks from 1986 to these days, and obviously, the James Bond bikini is included in the list.

While it really seems that the look was effortless, Halle Berry admits that the iconic James Bond's orange bikini had a lot of thought before deciding that was it. The top was the most traditional design you could find, but the bottom included a thick white belt that made you look at it no matter what. “We tried on so many bathing suits,” Berry said. “So many bikinis and so many belts.”

“This looks effortless, but this was a whole situation,” she explained, adding that “choosing the color and the right fit” was a challenge not only because they could not decide which one was the perfect option but because she and the team working with her knew deep down that it would go as an epic scene that “that would live a very, very long time.”

Universal Studios

Now we all can concur that the actress wearing that orange bikini with a white belt on 'Die Another Day' is something that is remembered by the fans until these days. Halle Berry walking on the beach looking all cool and seductive while soaking up the sun, could fans ask for more?

Certainly not, but Halle Berry also recalls that for her it was one of the hardest scenes because she really needed to look cool. The biggest acting challenge I had was to make it look like the water was warm and I was having a grand old time when I was freezing my butt off,” she revealed.

“This was sort of a badass Bond Girl — she was on par with Bond,” Berry explained. “She was very much his partner. And that was really exciting for me.”

Now, if you do not believe that Halle Berry and the orange bikini is an unforgettable scene, let's just recall that last year she recreated the look sans belt making the snap as legendary as the first one.

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