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Guess what iconic sitcom will tackle the next WandaVision episode?

In every episode, WandaVision pays homage to a classic american sitcom. For the upcoming seventh episode, they have chosen an extremely funny, Emmy-winner TV show

By Miguel Robles


WandaVision (Marvel)

It's the beginning of the end. With episode number 7, WandaVision is getting ready to wrap up its first season. Ahead of the newest entry of the series, Marvel released a new clip which reveals exactly which classic sitcom WandaVision will homage next.

So far the superhero tv show has done a marvelous job of telling its story using famous family sitcoms to build its unique narrative. The show began reaching out to the Dick Van Dyke Show, and subsequently moved to other iconic sitcoms such as I Dream of Jeanie, The Partridge Family, Family Ties, and most recently they made a homage to the classic Malcolm in the Middle. However, in every episode there are different sitcoms referenced, even if only one of the sitcoms serves as a primary inspiration.

As we are moving into the 2000s, apparently Modern Family will be the next sitcom that will get its own spot as a reference in the Marvel series. According to the new clip, Elizabeth Olsen is in full-on “direct address” mode, speaking to the camera in the likes of other mockumentary series such as The Office, Parks and Rec or Modern Family. The minute she is on camera, her character starts recalling events from last week's episode; after thet, the clip shows a cutaway joke just to reinforce the sitcom style, as it is reminiscent of the long-running Emmy-winning ABC tv show.

There is no doubt that this series has been a phenomenon, not only because of the hype that responded to what it represents, in terms of being the first step towards the creation of the Phase Four of the MCU. Its unique way to present the story, has put its fans in a frenzy. However, there is one thing that has put the fans in a state of frustration. It is the fact that there is an absence of a clear villain, even at this late point in the narrative.

Nonetheless, with WandaVision being a very atypical superhero series, there are other reasons to tune in. It's pretty obvious that the show is a tragedy, in which the leading character Wanda is trying to cope with her grief over her husband's death. And every time the outside world tries to destroy her delusional reality, she becomes upset.

We don't know what the episode 7, which airs tomorrow, is holding for us. We have a lot of questions, though; for instance, we will find out if Modern Family will be the only show to be referenced during this entry. We'll also discover if there's going to be revelation regarding an enemy and who is Monica meeting at all?

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