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Gina Carano might be returning to 'The Mandalorian' after all

According to some sources, Disney might be having talks with Gina Carano in order to come with an agreement, so the actress can portray again The Mandalorian's fan favorite character Cara Dune

By Miguel Robles

- May 04 , 2021 - 11:52 hs
Gina Carano

Gina Carano (AP)

A recent post on Twitter by actress Gina Carano, who went on to become a persona non-grata for Disney after some unfortunate tweets called by the company “abhorrent and unacceptable”, might show that not only Carano has been welcomed again by Disney, but some people are spectulating now that she might be returning to 'The Mandalorian', the TV show in which she played Carasynthia “Cara” Dune.

Carano was fired from Lucasfilm after a series of social media posts, in which the actress compared the present-day treatment of people by their neighbors based on political affiliation to how the Nazi party let the German people do their dirty work for them. For Twitter and for Lucasfilm, these comments seemed to be denigrating to the Jewish people, even though she later clarified that this wasn't her intention. She was immediately fired, even though neither Disney nor Lucasfilm ever went to address this subject with her.

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Lucasfilm decided to delete Cara Dune entirely from posters, toy shelves and more, cancelling the actress imediately after this happened. However, it was curious to see that Jewish conservative Ben Shapiro signed her to a movie deal, and she also received public support from Bari Weiss. But even when everybody believed Carano's Star Wars career to be over, the new jaw-dropping twist to the story has left fans excited.

There isn't an official statement yet on whether Carano will be coming back to 'The Mandalorian' or not, but what we have seen is the easing tensions between her and Disney. Proof of this is the re-scheduling on Disney Plus of a previously pulled episode of 'Running Wild with Bear Gryllis', in which Cara was the guest star.

Is Gina Carano really returning to 'The Mandalorian'?

YouTuber Doomcock went on to say on the OverlordDVD channel, that according to his sources, Jon Favreau has put his neck on the line to bring Carano back as Cara Dune so she can play the part she was designed to play in 'The Mandalorian'.

Doomcock went on to say that “a source has come forward claiming that Gina is talking to Disney about returning and proof of these talks has already materialized. As reported in my last Pop Culture Breakdown episode, Disney officially uncancelled Gina Carano's episode of Running Wild With Bear Gryll on NatGeo.”

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On the one hand, it's really hard to believe that she would want to return to Lucasfilm after all this happened; especially since she stated her that they “bullied her”. However, Doomcock has been right in the past, whenever he blurted out some other rumors before. For instance, when his leaks were almost 100% accurate. Carano just added some controversy into the mix, after posting a random message on Twitter, that read: “start making room for what you prayed for, because it's on the way,” causing all social media go into a frenzy.

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