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Ewan McGregor Revealed He Had Never Heard About Halston Before Doing The Netflix Series

You have to watch Ewan McGregor incarnate the famous fashion designer 'Halston' in the latest series Netflix released and about it, the actor reveals his experience portraying him

By Ingrid Mateos

- May 15 , 2021 - 14:08 hs
Halston / Ewan McGregor

Halston / Ewan McGregor (Netflix)

Ewan McGregor is in everybody's mind recently and not for his role in the Star Wars franchise but because of his portrayal of the fashion designer Roy Halston in one of the latest Netflix series released. The actor has spoken recently in several interviews addressing some facts about his performance and how his personal life helped him to pull such eccentric character,

Ewan revealed to the Irish Times that he had never heard about Halston before but after being cast in the series directed by Ryan Murphy, he learned all about the designer, "There were just little moments,” McGregor says, “where I felt like, ‘Oh, that was him.’ There was, like, a little curse, an eye roll or something where I felt that was it.”

He then added that he loved so much being Halston because it was so much fun. However, it appears that the only thing he was not okay with was with those cigarettes we watch converting him into a chain smoker. “The part of me that’s a smoker thought, Okay, great, I can smoke again while I play Halston,” he says, but then: “The green tea cigarettes are so horrible.” Later on, McGregor was asked if his past addictions helped him mold his portray and replied that he is now sober but that it was a part of his life “It was the ’90s, It was lots of things.”

But not only he dealt with those horrible cigarettes but also learned to sew, drape, and pin convincingly thanks to Jeriana San Juan, the costume designer of the 'Halston' series. “I got a sewing machine,’’ he says. “I did a bit of sewing and I had, what do they call it? The dummy? I had one of those. I had some fabric. I bought some books.” He tried making himself some trousers. “I looked at trousers that I owned,” he says. “I was turning them inside out and just trying to figure it out.” San Juan also declared in an interview that she did not force it into him but remarked that the actor was a good learner. She even got a surprise, amid the pandemic they had to stop shooting the series, and halfway through the lockdown, he sent her an image with some trousers he made. "My student had graduated on his own,” she said to Page Six.

Now, after Halston, Ewan McGregor is heading to a far, far galaxy and is already working on the spinoff concerning Obi-Wan Kenobi. And blessed the odds, the actor put in our mind something we would never have thought of by ourselves. Can you imagine a spin-off between Obi-Wan and Halston? “It would be much more comfortable,” he told The Associated Press during a recent interview on Zoom. “It would all be in cashmere, you know, none of that heavy blanket material stuff.”

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