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Do You Know The Actresses Who Have Portrayed Princess Diana On Screen?

We know that Princess Diana will always be in our hearts and we bet that you must have one favorite actress who has portrayed her, but do you know them all? 

By Ingrid Mateos

- September 02 , 2021 - 14:53 hs
Princess Diana

Princess Diana (Twitter)

Over the years there has not been such an enigmatic figure like Diana Spencer, later known as Princess Diana or 'Lady Di'. From Emma Corrin to Naomi Watts, many have portrayed her on-screen giving a sweet touch of their own to the royal but, do you really know all the actresses? Here we tell you who has played Lady Di on big and small productions.

Kristen Stewart - Spencer


We know that Kristen Stewart's movie has not been released yet but the trailer popped a couple of days ago and truly it looks astonishing. There have even been rumors around that the actress will be nominated for the Academy Award! Lucky us, the movie will be released very soon. It is being directed by Pablo Larrain and will take place over three days in December 1991 when Princess Diana spends Christmas at Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham estate realizing she needs to end her marriage to Prince Charles.

Emma Corrin – The Crown series


Emma Corrin portrayed a young and still naive Princess Diana before marrying Prince Charles in The Crown, We've got to see her in two seasons, and to be honest, it was not enough (although we know their successor will be also amazing.) Emma's interpretation garnered a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2021 so it's safe to say that it was their breakthrough role.

Elizabeth Debicki – The Crown series


Following Emma Corrin, Elizabeth Debicki will portray a more mature Princess Diana in the fifth season. In fact, the actress released a statement. "Princess Diana's spirit, her words, and her actions live in the hearts of so many. It is my true privilege and honor to be joining this masterful series, which has had me absolutely hooked from episode one."

Caroline Bliss - Charles & Diana: A Royal Love Story


Just 14 months after their nuptials back in 1982, Charles & Diana: A Royal Love Story premiered on ABC with Caroline Bliss as its leading lady. The TV movie reenacted the "wedding of the century," as it's frequently dubbed. This was Bliss's first major role and David Robb played Prince Charles opposite her.

Catherine Oxenberg - The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana


Another movie was made in 1982 The CBS film stars Catherine Oxenberg as Princess Diana and Christopher Baines as Prince Charles and follows the couple's courtship leading up to their wedding. It's a bit ironic since we now know the truth about it.

Nicola Formby - The Women of Windsor


This one was a bit premonitory. The two-part miniseries was released in 1992 and showed the soon-to-be-expired marriages of Princess Di and Sarah Ferguson. Actress Nicola Formby played Diana alongside Sallyanne Law as Sarah and Jim Piddock as Prince Charles. Why was it a premonition? The real Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced their separation two months after the movie's release.

Serena Scott Thomas - Diana: Her True Story


Another movie from 1992 but this time made by NBC. Diana: Her True Story, starred Serena Scott Thomas as Princess Di and David Threlfall as Prince Charles. The movie was an adaptation of the 1992 Andrew Morton biography and followed Diana's highs and lows of royal life.

Julie Cox - Princess in Love


This one was a bit scandalous! Made in 1996, Princess in Love was adapted from the 1994 Anna Pasternak book of the same name and starred Julie Cox as Princess Diana and Christopher Bowen as Charles. The movie followed the story of the alleged affair between Princess Diana and British Army officer James Hewitt (which she later admitted to being true) This one was released just months before Charles and Diana divorced.

Amy Seccombe - Diana: A Tribute to The People's Princess

Mirror TV

This one movie is one of the saddest ones. It was released a year after Diana's passing (1998) and followed the last year of her life (Dodi Fayed romance included) George Jackos portrayed Fayed.

Naomi Watts – Diana

Ecosse Films

This film was released in 2013 and followed Lady Di's romance with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. In fact, Naomi Watts declared that she was quite hesitant to accept the role because she did not feel capable. "Ultimately, the reason I wanted to say 'no' so much became the reason I wanted to do it as well. I was intrigued by the challenge," she said. "I mean, in the beginning I thought, how do you possibly take on the most famous woman of all time when everybody feels they know her so well? How do you take possession of that character? So that was daunting, to use a word of hers…"

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