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Director of “Birds of Prey” Cathy Yan will direct new film “The Freshening”

The new Sci-Fi comedy project will be written and directed by chinese filmmaker Cathy Yan, best known as the director of "Birds of Prey"

By Ingrid Mateos


Cathy Yan (AP)

Yan born in China and raised in Virginia, near Washington D.C. Has come a long way to this day. She started as a reporter for the “Los Angeles Times” and “The Wall Street Journal” before turning to filmmaking. After directing several short films such as “Last Night”, “Down River” and “According to my Mother” and making his debut with “Dead Pigs” in 2018, the same year she was selected to direct “Birds of Prey” A Harley Quinn DC Extended Univese based on the comic of the same name. The film was released in 2020 with positive reviews.

"The Freshening" is exactly the type of daring and timely film that excites me as a writer and director, and that Ash and I started Rewild to produce, I’m delighted to get to work with like-minded collaborators Ali Wong, Hyperobject and FilmNation to bring this bold and impactful story to the screen.” Yan said in a statement.

FilmNation Entertainment, which will finance and handle worldwide sales, will produce with Ali Wong, Hyperobject Industries/Gary Sanchez Productions.

“I was so haunted by Rachel Khong’s compelling and high concept story when I read it,” said Wong. “The Freshening is unlike anything I’ve ever worked on and I’m thrilled to develop it into a film with everyone involved. From the beginning, it was my dream for Cathy Yan to write and direct this project and I’m so incredibly grateful it came true.”


The Freshening” is a futuristic story set in the U.S full of science fiction and comedy traits. Here is the official description: “Khong’s short story is set in a near future where tensions over race and gender have reached a violent extreme, the U.S. Government institutes a public health initiative known as ‘The Freshening’: every American receives an injection, after which everyone only sees others as the same race and gender as themselves. But when a street drug hits the scene, promising a chance to see the world as it really is, will she choose to disrupt this ‘freshened’ world?”

“We fell in love with Cathy when we met her and we’re thrilled she’s bringing her singular perspective to this wild, genre-bending material,” said Hyperobject Industries’ Betsy Koch.

FilmNation Entertainment’s President, Film & Television Production Ben Browning and SVP of Production Ashley Fox declared: “When we read ’The Freshening’ we were blown away by this timely and provocative story. Developing this film with Cathy and all of our fantastic partners is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience in filmmaking,”

FilmNation Entertaniment has a variety of great succesful films under its catalogue: “Promising Young Woman”, “Pain and Glory”, “The Irishman”, “Suspiria”, “Arrival” “Sully”, “The Imitation Game”, “The King's Speech” just to mention a few.

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