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Did You Know Jessica Chastain Had Only One Condition For Doing Nude Scenes With Oscar Isaac?

Both actors revealed what was it like for them to succumb to their respective characters' wishes, and appear fully nude on the critically acclaimed series

By Miguel Robles

- October 15 , 2021 - 17:35 hs
Scenes From A Marriage

Scenes From A Marriage (HBO Max)

At this point, we've seen how some scenes from HBO's Scenes From A Marriage have been so daring, to a point that even its two main characters – played by Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain – have showed some skin on the show.

During an interview with the ladies of The View, both actors went on to discuss their emotional roles in the aforementioned series, and the blatant nude scenes (in more than just the obvious way) on the show.

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The limited series show the Star Wars and the Zero Dark Thirty stars emotionally and physically vulnerable with each other; they are often seen screaming and crying, as they portray a very unhappily married couple. As it is accustomed, Chastain and Isaac's work was praised online, but it seems that people were most shocked about the fact that they decided to go fully nude to portray their characters.

Sonny Hostin, The View's host went on to bring up the nudity during an interview with the onscreen duo, and told Oscar, “I hate to do it, but I have to ask... Twitter, we are talking about it – were you surprised at that reaction? Was there ever a moment where you second-guessed your decision to reveal yourself?”

According to Isaac, he was “fine” with the nudity at first; however, once he saw the footage he was surprised to realize it's “there for everyone” to see. In the end, it was all part of the deal, as Jessica revealed that she asked for Oscar Isaac to go nude since she was too. She explained, “Well, I said to Hagai [Levi], who wrote and directed in the series, I said in the very beginning, 'I'm comfortable with all the nudity, but any part of my body that you show, you're going to have to show the same with Oscar.”

“There's a shower scene we have in episode two, and you see my body, so you see his body. For me, I wanted it to be balanced,” the 'Interstellar' actress said. The hosts of The View utlimately praised Jessica for making that demand, calling her “bold” for speaking up. Prior to Sonny's question, Oscar joked that he felt “objectified,” while Jessica was getting all the “deep questions.” However, he took the host's questions in stride, joking, “You're welcome, Twitter.”

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Scenes From A Marriage is streaming now on HBO Max. It is an english-language remake of the 1973 Swedish miniseries of the same name by Ingmar Bergman. The adaptation makes a series of observations about contemporary American couples. Other actors on the show are, Nicole Beharie, Corey Stoll, Sunita Mani and Michael Aloni. The limited series was developed by Hagai Levi, responsible for co-creating and co-producing the television drama 'The Affair', alongside Sarah Treem.

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