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Daniel Kaluuya spoke almost 8 hours with  Fred Hampton’s Son about ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’

The British actor Daniel Kaluuya revealed that in order to portray the American activist Fred Hampton, he had to meet his son, Fred Hamtpon Jr.

By Ingrid Mateos

- April 25 , 2021 - 16:35 hs
Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah (Warner Bros)

We have watched Daniel Kaluuya in movies like 'Black Panther' or the acclaimed 'Get Out' but his most important tole in 2021 in his latest movie 'Judas and the Black Messiah' where he portrays Fred Hampton. But, if you have not heard about Fred Hampton and his story let us tell you. Mr. Hampton was an American activist and was the Black Panther Party chairman. The FBI targeted and killed him when he was 21 years old.

In order to portray such an important character in history, the British actor not only had to nail the Chicago accent or learn how to deliver the speeches with the same heart-wrenching feeling (he actually had to take opera lessons and sang gospel songs in order to protect his voice). According to the actor, he had to learn more about Hampton on a personal level, so he decided he needed to meet his family. "A story like this and how, the perspective that we wanted to tell it through, meeting the family and having them a part of the process and having them, to be honest, enrich what we’re doing, to imbue the narrative with the truth was imperative to me and to every one a part of the process.”

Daniel Kaluuya then revealed that apparently, everybody thought the same, went for it and met Fred Hampton Jr. In the meeting was Hampton Jr.. and his mother, Deborah Johnson; Dominique Fishback, who plays Deborah in the film; Shaka King, Coogler; and producer Charles King “We had a seven-hour, eight-hour meeting where Chairman Fred Jr. spoke to us and asked us to declare our intentions along with the story, who we are. Chairman Fred Jr. took us to a place in Chicago. I remember what he was saying, ‘I want to see what you’re made of. If you’re playing the Chairman, I want to see what you’re made of.’”

“Chairman Fred Jr. was explaining to me about how the police come and kind of wrecked those kind of places,” Kaluuya said. “For me, it was a microcosm of what’s been done for centuries. It’s the destruction of necessary healing from the powers that be. I saw that there.”

In the end, he declared that he realized he had anything to prove and was just there to connect on a real level. "I’m trying to understand your point of view, how you guys see the world. I want to look through your eyes, I don’t want to look at you, I want to look with you. That’s how I felt.” the actor said.

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