Watch Cardi B Losing It When Meeting Batman Star Robert Pattinson

Despite she is one of the most famous rappers, Cardi B still gest starstruck and this time the one who made her squeal was no other than Robert Pattinson

By Ingrid Mateos

- November 06 , 2021 - 13:49 hs
Cardi B, Robert Pattinson

Cardi B, Robert Pattinson (AP)

Who does not love Cardi B? She is funny, talented, with a great sense of humor, and one of the fiercest people we all know. And while she really looks like someone who you don't want to mess around with, she definitely has millions of fans that love her just because of this.

Cardi B might have had all the Grammy awards she wants, but that did not stop her from being starstruck when meeting other celebs. Recently the rapper was gushing all over social media about Penn Badgley and one resurfaced interview the actor made, however, it seems like the 'You' star is now in second place since Cardi has made a new acquaintance.

Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, attended recently a British Vogue party in Los Angeles. Now if you have seen her videos on Insta, Twitter, or TikTok, you must know that the 'rapper likes to record almost everything and that she usually is re-arranging her hair or make-up.


This occasion was no different and we can see her quite sober in a black outfit while touching her hair, however, the best part of the 5-seconds-long video clips is when she quickly shouts 'Look at my friend guys,' the camera moves a little bit and then Robert Pattinson himself can be seen next to Cardi, smiling and playfully sticking his tongue out a little bit.

Now, what would you do if Robert Pattison happens to be next to you? The most sensible thing is to scream because of the excitement that could not be contained and that's exactly what happened here because we can hear Cardi screaming while Robert laughs.“Look who I met the other day!” Cardi captioned the clip, adding: “I felt like a teen!”

Obviously, fans and followers were quick to comment on the video. “SHE IS SUCH A FRESH AIR YO  as famous as she is, it’s still so sweet to see her excited to meet other famous people,” wrote one persona while another added “now I can die in peace”

But the fans did not stop there and another merged the Twilight and 'You' fandom. “Is he the one? Tell me are you into him? But it’s okay. You probably don’t know all the things he has done. All the things he had done to his previous GF Bella. Yes, you don’t know. But I am gonna show you. I gonna fix YOU” wrote a fan referring to the Netflix series.

The funny thing is that earlier this year back in July Cardi B wrote on social media that she wanted to have 'vampire sex', declaring herself a Twilight fan. Later, the Netflix account retweeted this to promote the Twilight movies on their streaming service.

The vampiric days are long gone, but more recently fans are expecting to see Rob Pattinson as the upcoming 'Batman' in the upcoming film with the same name.

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