Sophie Turner addresses Taylor Swift's song dedicated to her husband Joe Jonas

It is said that one of Taylor Swift's songs was dedicated to Joe Jonas. Now, Swift is re-releasing that song, and his wife, Sophie Turner is not fazed

By Ingrid Mateos


Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas (AP)

Taylor Swift is known for her not-so-subtle hidden messages in her songs, her references, and her love for puzzles. Not only one song, but almost all her music has been under scrutiny and people always ask if she is singing about anyone in particular. but this time it's implied that yes, someone nailed the real meaning.

There will be six “vault” songs that were written around 2008 when his sophomore album was released but were excluded from the final tracklist "for different reasons." Now, after re-releasing  "Mr. Perfectly Fine", fans have arisen and again, they re-started to speculate if the song was about the American singer relationship and subsequent break-up with one of the Jonas Brothers, Joe (a drama from more than a decade ago, care to say). This is a so-called "from the vault" song that will be included in her rerecorded version of "Fearless."


But what fans did not expect even in their wildest dreams was that Sophie Turner, the now wife of Joe Jonas, shared on her Instagram the Taylor Swift's hit "It's not NOT a bop," she wrote. Are you ready for more feelings? Taylor Swift reposted Turner's reaction on her own Instagram story and praised the "Game of Thrones" actress making a reference to her famous role as Sansa Stark. "Forever bending the knee for the [queen] of the north," she wrote.


But why did Taylor wrote about a song “dedicated to Joe Jonas”? According to Swift, Joe Jonas broke up with her over the phone (and that's not cool.) In 2008 in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres they addressed how it was to find someone new to love and Swift said “It’s like when I find that person, that is right for me and he’ll be wonderful, and when I look at that person, I’m not even going to be able to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 25 seconds when I was 18.”

That roast was not forgotten and many years later when Swift returned to the Ellen DeGeneres show she declared that speaking about Joe Jonas was the most rebellious thing she ever made. "That was too much. Yeah, that was too much. I was 18. We laugh about it now. That was mouthy, yeah, teenage stuff there.” And this time Joe spoke about it, saying it felt nice to know Taylor moved on. “I probably was feeling pretty bad about when I was younger, but at the end of the day, like, I’ve moved on. I’m sure Taylor’s moved on, and it feels nice, and we’re all friends, and it’s all good. We were so young.”

After Swift and Jonas split, Joe and Sophie met each other and since then their love is stronger than ever, marrying in 2019, and welcoming their first child in 2020. 

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