Lady Gaga Made A Fancam On TikTok Dedicated To Her Co-Star Adam Driver

As incredible as it sounds, Lady Gaga made and shared a fancam to celebrate Adam Driver's birthday calling him 'a weirdo like me' 

By Ingrid Mateos

- November 20 , 2021 - 16:02 hs
Lady Gaga, Adam Driver

Lady Gaga, Adam Driver (AP)

Adam Driver received a lot of beautiful wishes on his birthday November 19th. From Mark Hamill to hundreds of fans, the actor was showered in lots of love via the internet and social media, however, we think that the one who portrayed Han Solo's son goy was a little surprised when Lady Gaga herself made a fancam dedicated exclusively to him.

Probably, if told that Lady Gaga and Adam Driver were starring in the same movie five years ago, it would have sounded like the craziest idea ever but thankfully to Ridley Scott we are seeing this happening in 'House of Gucci.'

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And while most of the cast has been around several cities to promote the film attending world premieres, Lady Gaga took a little bit of her free time to congratulate her co-star on his birthday. Now, knowing Gaga is Gaga, the singer took her TikTok platform and made an epic fancam where we could appreciate their dynamics as friends.

“Here’s your birthday card, you big nerd” Lady Gaga captioned. In the clip, we can see them in several red carpets posing together as the cameras are in front of them. In the end, we can see that she included the amazing pic where she is showing off a Burberry ad on a magazine where Adam Driver is shirtless.

To make the fancam even more epic, in the background she accompanied it with the Star Wars theme song, making a clear reference to his role as Ben Solo a.k.a Kylo Ren.

To say fans were overexcited would be the understatement of the year. “I thought this was an Adam Driver fan account,” wrote a TikTok user while another added “Imagine Gaga is just sitting at home and be like: 'Should I Make a Star Wars Fancam today? PLEASEEE”


Here’s your birthday card, you big nerd

♬ Star Wars - Produced - Ettore Stratta

But wait, happiness did not stop there. The singer also took to Insta to share a never-before-seen image of 'House Of Gucci' where we can see they are dancing and looking at each other's eyes. In the caption, Gaga complimented Adam Driver and called him 'a weirdo like me'.


“Me and my buddy Adam Driver. Happy Birthday to someone I feel so proud to know. This is us behind the scenes filming “House of Gucci.” I hope you have the best day, I’m the lucky actress who got to learn from you and lead with you every day. Shoutout to all your fans! I know why they adore you, it’s cuz you’re the best!  (and you’re a weirdo like me)” she wrote.

In 'House of Gucci' we are seeing Adam Driver and Lady Gaga as Maurizio Gucci and his wife Patrizia Reggiani, who was convicted for hiring an assassin to shoot him following the disintegration of their marriage. 

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