Kylie Jenner Is Naked And Covered In Blood To Announce Her 'Nightmare on Elm Street' Collection

Despite being pregnant, Kylie Jenner is unstoppable and this time she covered in fake blood to promote her new Kylie x Nightmare on Elm Street collection

By Ingrid Mateos

- October 06 , 2021 - 12:17 hs
Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner (Instagram)

Kylie Jenner is baring it all, again, but this time with a gore twist! When you think of horror movies and how some protagonists have earned the title of being beautiful while being tormented, you would never think of Freddy Krueger to be an inspiration, right? Well, leave it to Kylie to get inspired and accomplish this.

The American model just shared on social media a creepy video that has raised mixed feelings around the fans. Yes, she really looks scary but somehow she also looks beautiful. The beauty mogul shared the clip to her more than 274 million fans on Insta where they could see her completely nude but covering and rubbing her body with fake blood while the soundtrack of One, Two, Freddy’s Coming For You from the 1984 Wes Craven horror classic played in the background.

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“Can you guess who we collaborated with this year for Halloween? Collection reveal coming today @kyliecosmetics” Jenner captioned. After the video was shared, some hours later she shared a snap with a flame-print outfit with matching platforms. “KYLIE X NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET ahhh what a DREAM to collaborate with the icon of horror!”

Her fans and family showed her some support in the comment section. Khloé Kardashian commented 'My Spooky Queen, come on and shut it down,' while her mom Kris Jenner also added 'Halloween Queen.' Kourtney also chimed in another post where Kylie promoted her new products by simply posting some knife emojis.

It can be said that Kylie x Nightmare On Elm Street is fully supported by her family and some friends, however, there are others who simply can't understand what is happening here. "Oh girl this giving demonic vibes..." someone else commented "This is sick and that’s NOT a compliment!" another added. "This promo is awfully disturbing!" a third one wrote.


We should have seen something like this coming since the model shared just a couple of days ago how he was decorating with pumpkins, witches, and candles. While some fans said to her that it was too early, some others could not agree with her more since every day is a good day to celebrate Halloween.

Anyway, no one could state that Kylie is not a busy little bee since just a month before this she released Kylie Baby, her new brand to promote baby products inspired by her daughter Stormi. In fact, in case you do not know Jenner is expecting her second child, and despite the baby bump is not seen in the gory clip, she has some months pregnant now.

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