Kristen Stewart Is Not Nominated For 2022 SAG Awards And People Are Angry About It

The SAG nominations are out and people are showing all their anger on social media after learning that Kristen Stewart was not nominated for 'Spencer'

By Ingrid Mateos

- January 12 , 2022 - 13:44 hs
Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart (AP)

The Twitterverse is boiling after the 2022 SAG Awards nominations were revealed, and honestly, they have the right reason to be angry about the whole situation. Every year, nominations are hard because movies, actors, actresses, and the team involved in every movie have to be selected from a very large list in order to land a nomination, however, what they did this year is probably one of the most shocking snubs people has seen.

In fact, what is happening with the actress is currently being labeled as the biggest snub of all time. More specifically, when the complete list was unveiled, people realized that Kristen Stewart is not being nominated for the 2022 SAG Awards after her performance in 'Spencer', a film directed by Pablo Larrain where they tell the story of the late Princess Diana and how in three days she decided that she wanted to divorce.

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'Spencer' premiered at the Venice Film Festival and from there, the rumor about Kristen Stewart being the most obvious nomination for the Oscars was almost a statement. However, the SAG Awards are known for being the non-official predictions of the Academy Awards and having said this, it seems that Kristen is most likely to not be nominated for the big award.

Instead of Kristen Stewart for 'Spencer' the Screen Actors Guild decided to nominate Olivia Colman for The Lost Daughter, Lady Gaga for House of Gucci, Nicole Kidman for Being the Ricardos, Jessica Chastain for The Eyes of Tammy Faye, and Jennifer Hudson, who portrayed Aretha Franklin in Respect.

And, as we previously mentioned, social media is getting wild claiming that the SAG Awards have done the biggest mistake ever. “SAG-AFTRA snubbing Kristen Stewart is not only the biggest Best Actress snub in the whole SAG history, but it's also the most baffling and upsetting one, seriously. These nominations couldn't be more basic.” said one fan while another added, “Honestly, I think the omission of Kristen Stewart has to be the biggest shocker *ever* at SAG Award noms.”

However, one of the messages that has shocked most is the one from a SAG member who disagrees with the noms. “As a member of the SAG Awards nominating committee this year I'm gravely disappointed in the nominations. Ignoring the brilliance of smaller films like MASS, THE HUMANS, LANGUAGE LESSONS, plus an edgy performance like Kristen Stewart's in SPENCER. A shame.”

Could it be possible that what she said about the Awards made a difference? While promoting Spencer she literally admitted that she does not care about the Oscars or any awards in particular.

“I don’t give a s**t,” the actress said on the podcast. “The Oscars are such a funny thing. There are so many incredible movies and performances that barely get seen. It definitely says something about where we’re at as a cumulative presence — what we’re looking at, what we care about.”

“I really appreciate that something that I was involved in has ignited such a large conversation,” she conceded. “We don’t make movies to not connect with each other.”

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