Keanu Reeves Reveals Which Celebs He Has Asked For An Autograph

Keanu Reeves has revealed he has asked for an autograph two times. In the same interview, he also reveals his favorite sandwich and the animal he fears

By Ingrid Mateos

- January 13 , 2022 - 09:46 hs
Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves (AP)

Imagine being one of the coolest, nicest celebs in Hollywood and still, get starstruck by other celebs? Well, that's exactly what happened to Keanu Reeves who has admitted that he, like a mere mortal, has asked for autographs in his life.

During a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, the host admitted that he does not know well all of his guests so, in order to do so, he would do a 'Colbert Questionert.' Keanu then complies and what follows certainly lets the world know a little bit more about the 'Matrix' star.

Many simple questions were asked but at one point, Keanu Reeves revealed which celebs he has asked for an autograph. To which he admitted that there are two famous people that he has asked for.

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The first name he dropped was Lou Reed, 'The Velvet Underground' singer. Funnily enough, the autograph was not for him. "But it wasn't for me — it was for a friend, and Lou was cool about it," said Keanu, adding that the autograph was a very simple but significant thing. It was [on] a little piece of paper, and it was [in] blue ink. … Yeah, it was good. It just said, 'Lou Reed.' "

It would have been really disappointing if it didn't say 'Lou Reed,' " joked Stephen Colbert, to which Keanu replied 'All my best' or ... "

Keanu Reeves then admits that the second celebrity he has asked for an autograph is George Carlin with whom he appeared in the first movie of 'Bill &Ted.'

”It was really funny because Geroge Carlin, he wrote 'Dear Keanu, F*** you' and I thought he just wrote that for me, but then I met someone else who said that he wrote the same thing for them” Despite the hilarious situation, Keanu could not stop calling the situation as something beautiful.

Fortunately for the die-hard fans of Keanu Reeves, the actor also revealed some more personal things about himself. When asked about the best sandwich and Keanu declared that the best sandwich for him is toasted crunchy peanut butter with honey.

When asked about what he should throw away, Keanu Reeves funnily admitted that he is a bit of a 'pack rat' “It's so difficult for me to throw things I'm a bit of a packrat”. When naming the scariest animal, the actor quickly decided that spiders were the right answer, and between apples and oranges, without hesitation, he replied apples.

Keanu Reeves also admitted that his favorite action movie is 'Roller Ball' where James Cann star because it has “violence and game, and philosophy,....fantastic.” the actor said.

Elsewhere in the questionnaire, Colbert admitted that the fun game was inspired by Keanu Reeves himself when years back he asked him 'what happens when we die?'

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