Kanye West Still Wearing Wedding Ring Amid Kim Kardashian Divorce

Everybody knows that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are amid their divorce but what probably you did not know was that Kanye is a little bit nostalgic, still wearing his wedding ring

By Ingrid Mateos


Kanye West (AP)

After all the drama and legal battles regarding their child's custody, Kanye West still has the hope to go back with Kim Kardashian and amend their relationship. Or at least that's the conclusion we get seeing one of the latest pictures shared of the American rapper.

Kanye West appeared to still be wearing his wedding ring in an Instagram photo shared by DJ Khaled where we can see Kanye with his eyes closed and hands raised to the sky. “TRUE STORY: KANYE STOPPED BY MY HOUSE AT 8 AM THE OTHER DAY! I DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS COMING!” Khaled captioned the black and white image. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is moving on and stopped wearing the ring since December.


“HE HAD @chefmelissazuniga make him SOME EGGS WITH KETCHUP AND VEGAN BACON? And we listened to #KHALEDKHALED,” Khaled continued, promoting his new record. “You know when you get this expression that it’s sounding AMAZING! this album GODS HANDS IS ALL OVER IT," Khaled added. The American DJ, then shared two more pictures “@Kanyewest came to listen to my album,” Khaled captioned both pictures. The photo has reached almost 400,000 fans and gathered 2,800 comments at the moment but fans can't believe that Kanye is still wearing the ring

In case you missed the news, Kim Kardashian officially filed for divorce from Kanye West after nearly seven years together, at the beginning of 2021 and sources say that despite not being in touch, they are amicable to each other while sharing co-parenting duties. According to Page Six, Even before Kim filed for divorce, Kanye changed his numbers and said, ‘You can contact me through my security.’” A source also told People that Kanye requested Kim not be there during his visits with their kids, saying, “Kanye has been spending time with all the kids. A nanny is around during the visits. Kim has not been around for the visits, at Kanye’s request.” West and Kardashian have two daughters, North and Chicago, age seven and three respectively, and two sons, Saint and Psalm.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West met back in 2003 when he was recording a song with Brandy and Kim was working as Brandy's assistant. "He didn't know what my name was," she said during the "KUWTK" 10-year anniversary. In fact, when they met, Kardashian was still married to Damon Thomas but that did not stop Kanye from having his heart stolen. "I just knew I wanted her to be my girl for a long time," he told Ryan Seacrest in 2013. "I remember I saw a picture of her and Paris Hilton, and I remember telling my boy, 'Have you seen that girl Kim?'"

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