Julia Fox Is A Fashion Icon Wearing A Skirt Made With Polaroids Of Herself

Once again Julia Fox is proving why she is considered a fashion icon after wearing a skirt made of polaroids of herself

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 22 , 2022 - 19:40 hs
Julia Fox

Julia Fox (AO)

Kanye would be proud! We have seen Julia Fox innovating with her makeup, her DIY outfits, and daring looks, and even charmed us all when pronouncing 'Uncut Gems' becoming an instant fan favorite. Fortunately for everyone, the actress is proving to the world that her ex-boyfriend is just that and that she has a lot more to deliver.

Needless to say that Julia Fox has become a fashion icon whether she intended to be one or not. She has shared on social media sewing her own denim outfits, cutting, creating, and imagining new attires. However, in a recent photo shoot for Vogue Czechoslovakia Julia Fox wore a skirt made of Polaroids of herself and it truly can't be more Meta than that.

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The video was shared on the social media platform of the magazine but Julia Fox also shared the video on hers. “I had to learn how to come to terms with myself and the potential I have. This is one of the scariest things one has to face. We often get stuck in comfort and in what we know well. Someone has lived this way their whole life. I could never “ Julia Fox said in the interview with the magazine.

While the skirt made of Polaroids Julia Fox wore could not be compared to anything else we have seen so far, Julia also shared some more pictures with her more than one million fans and admitted that she did not know she was going to be the cover of Vogue Czechoslovakia.

Fox thought that they were just pics for a fashion article or something of the sort. “Still can’t believe this @vogueczechoslovakia moment happened!” the actress said before adding. “Funny story: I had no idea I was shooting for the cover until we wrapped and I was on my way out when @yaelquint asked me “how do you feel you just shot your first cover of vogue!?”

According to Julia, her heart “skipped a beat” because she “genuinely had no idea.” “I thought it was just a spread and honestly I was just so happy to be in vogue at all I didn’t care!! Anyway here we are now and I’m STILL gagged and so grateful to everyone involved. And especially thank you to my fans (& haters) cuz without u guys this wouldn’t be possible. I love you ALL.”

Fans and friends of Julia Fox were quick to leave her messages in her comment section. Scott Disick's ex Amelia Hamlin wrote “I love you so much.” while a fan added, “she’s beauty and she’s grace .”

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