Jason Momoa Surprises Passengers When Working As A Flight Attendant For A Day

Jason Momoa is not only talented as an actor, but in a recent video he shows that he also can work as a flight attendant

By Ingrid Mateos

- August 04 , 2022 - 13:40 hs
Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa (AP, Instagram)

It looks like Jason Momoa wants to change careers, or at least that is what it looked like recently when the Aquaman star posed as a flight attendant while traveling.

When traveling from Los Angeles to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines, Jason Momoa worked as a flight attendant for a day, or well, at least for one trip to celebrate the airlines' partnership with the actor's water company Mananalu.

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The actor, who catch the attention with his height and well-formed body, personally walked down all the way around the passengers to hand them the aluminum bottles with water.

For a very obvious reason, the passengers were surprised but ecstatic at the same time. This interaction came to the light thanks to one person who was traveling on that plane. "When Jason Momoa is your flight attendant." the person captioned the video shared on social media.

However, Momoa also shared his adventures on his platform with his more than 17 million fans, revealing that he was traveling with two of her kids, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf. "Bright and early. It should be a good day. I'm going home to Hawaii with the babies, and we're doing something really cool, very cool, something like how it all started," he wrote.

In the clip then he added that he started to come to the idea of his company questioning why everyone else was using aluminum but not water companies. "It's a dream come true...why can't we have aluminum? There's sparkling water, there's sparkling beer, there's soda, soft drinks. Why do I have to have this little single tiny water? So this is my first time being able to do this. So I'm going to make the announcement on Hawaiian Airlines...I'm excited I'm going home."

Dressed with a jacket signature of the company and a flower behind his ear, Jason Momoa started to do the rounds around the passengers.

In his caption, the actor expressed to feel gratitude to the airline for making his dream come true. “I'm grateful for your support and it's an honor to have Hawaiian Airlines be the first airline to partner with Mananalu. We're on a mission to end single-use plastic.”

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Momoa, who has been an advocate for environmental issues also revealed that every single bottle of his water helps them against plastic bottles. “Drink one, remove one - For every bottle of Mananalu sold, we remove one plastic bottle from the ocean. We have removed 3 MILLION plastic bottles from the ocean this year. Don't stop making waves to save our beautiful planet. aloha j."

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