Jason Momoa Goes Shirtless And Rubs Hand Sanitizer All Over His Chest

Jason Momoa is trying his best to make everything he does in the sexiest way. In one of his recent interviews, he simply went shirtless and rubbed hand sanitizer all over his body 

By Ingrid Mateos

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa (AP)

Do you need to disinfect something? We bet you will never see hand sanitizer the same way after this. We know that Aquaman really loves to be in the water but taking it to these extremes is a little bit too much, don't you think? American actor and probably the cleanest celeb in Hollywood right now Jason Momoa just proved to the world that everything can be sexy if you put enough effort.

The 'Game of Thrones' star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! To promote his new Netflix film 'Sweet Girl' and while there, he participated in a game called 'Make it Sexy Challenge.' The purpose? Make everyday activities look sexy because, well, any chance to make Jason Momoa do something sexy is a great way to pass the time.


Anthony Anderson, who is performing as guest host since Jimmy Kimmel is on vacation, introduced the dynamic to Momoa and revealed that the challenge was made specifically for his 'unique set of skills.' Jason then revealed that the studio warned him to not take his clothes off, but Jason being Jason does whatever he wants. Anderson, playing along, did not want to be left behind and started to unbutton his shirt and tie.

The first activity was to “sanitize your hands” and Jason Momoa did his thing. "Normally I like to squirt it all over my chest," he said, amid an eruption of cheers from the studio audience. "Sometimes I rub it all over my face because it kills 99.99 percent of things."

Succeeding at the task, the next activity was to open a can of tuna in a sexier way. Momoa showed on screen a can opener and joked about it  "Most children would use this" he said before throwing it away. “but, I'm Aquaman," he claimed while putting it between his biceps. And yes, he opened it. Momoa then poured the contents of it over his body, rubbing the juice all over his chest, making us doubt if this was sexy or gross.


The final activity was to iron a shirt, and while it was really a challenge since he was outdoors, out of nowhere he took some baby oil. “I like to lay down the shirt, and this is about the long-stroke, okay?" Momoa said. "It ain't about that short s---, you need it long."

Previous to this challenge, Jason Momoa revealed that in order to stay fit, he prefers to do extreme sports rather than go to the gym because he really is not a big fan. I like doing rock climbing and surfing, and there's no surf up here," Momoa said, referring to Canada, where he was calling in from. "So I just, I do when the time's right but it's just, I've been fighting so much and working hard. I'll get it together, I promise."

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