Jamie Lynn Spears Is Crying In Interview, Says She Loves Sister Britney Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears is crying in an interview with GMA and explains that despite everything that has happened she really loves her older sister Britney Spears

By Ingrid Mateos

- January 11 , 2022 - 19:42 hs

While it seems that this never-ending drama was finally put to rest, here comes again Jamie Lynn Spears exposing her heart and claiming what few people believe of her. Britney Spears is finally free and safe from the conservatorship he was under for more than a decade where her dad Jamie Spears controlled every single aspect of her life, from the little things to her finances and assets. Now that tables have turned, the family is coming out trying to save themselves and Jaime Lynn Spears is claiming she loves her sister Britney.

Now, in an unexpected but not surprising turn of events Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's little sister is granting interviews and claiming that she does in fact love her big sister. More recently, and just before a week her memoir ' Things I Should Have Said' is released, Jamie Lynn is giving her first interview after Britney was freed from the conservatorship.

“Um, I love my sister,” said Jamie Lynn while crying and cleaning the tears from her face. It is expected that while speaking with ABC News’ “Nightline” anchor Juju Chang, Jamie Lynn Spears will address everything that she lived while Britney was suffering the conservatorship, but also what she endured when younger because her sister was not the only one to suffer.

“But things have gotten complicated.” Juju Chang replies to Jamie Lynn, to which she replies 'I guess so.' The extract of the interview also hints that difficult topics will be addressed like what caused the rift between both ladies and what the “Things I Should Have Said” author regrets not saying.

Jamie Lynn Spears announced she had finished the memoir in an Instagram post back in October 2021, writing, “I owe it to myself, my younger self, and to my daughters to be an example that you should never edit yourself or your truth to please anyone else. I know I still have ALOT of learning to do, but I feel like finishing this book gave me closure on this ’30 year long’ chapter of my life, and hopefully helps anyone else out there who forgot their worth, lost their voice, or is trying to break an unhealthy cycle in their life.”

Unfortunately for Jamie Lynn, social media users did are not believe her words despite the interview has not been out yet. For example, one fan wrote “Why is she crying now? She was all smiles on your show, performing while her sister was having one of the toughest years of her life. NOW she wants to cry? Why didn’t she use her 2020 segment to cry about her sisters' abuse?” while another added “Really? I hope absolutely no one watches this & even fewer people buy the book.”

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