It Was Real! Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Have Ended Their Relationship

There were already rumors about their breakup. However, it was revealed that they were still together and that even Kim Kardashian already missed him

By Yamne Hallal

- August 05 , 2022 - 18:11 hs
Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson (AP)

Stop everything!! Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have officially decided to end their relationship after 9 months of dating.

The 41-year-old reality star and the 28-year-old comedian were unable to continue their long-distance relationship and decided it was in their best interest to end the relationship.

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After several rumors that the couple had broken up, it was said that Kim Kardashian actually missed her boyfriend Pete Davidson and had even gone to visit him in Australia where he is filming the movie 'Wizards!'

However, it seems that the rumors were real, and a source had revealed that the couple had split this week and that they came to good terms, deciding to just be friends.

“Kim and Pete have decided to just be friends. “They have a lot of love and respect for each other, but found that the long distance and their demanding schedules made it really difficult to maintain a relationship,” the source said.

The couple met during a Saturday Night Live program where they both did a sketch together, later they began to see each other in public on what seemed to be dates until finally during the Met Gala they made their courtship official.

Everything was hunky-dory for the couple until Pete Davidson decided to enter the world of movies and went to Australia to film the movie 'Wizards!' in which he shares a cast with Orlando Bloom.

Kim Kardashian expected Pete to finish filming the date by the end of July, however, due to the fact that a member of the production tested positive for Covid-19, the film was delayed a few more weeks, which was something that didn't Kim liked it a lot.

While this was happening and the situation of Kim and Pete was cleared up, the rumor began to circulate that the reality star had returned with her ex-husband Kanye West, due to the fact that he wore an 'The Incredibles' shirt during a modeling session of bikinis from its own brand SKIMS Swims.

According to the fans, said shirt referred to her marriage to Kanye, since they considered that they were a family like the one in the movie 'The Incredibles'. Subsequently, Kim began to make many publications in which the common denominator was always the 45-year-old rapper.

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The most recent post was Kim Kardashian was allegedly supportive of Kanye, as they had come to an arrangement for co-parenting their 4 children: North West, 9, Saint West, 6, Chicago West, 4, and Psalm West, 3.

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