Heidi Klum Is Dancing In A Tiny Bikini To Wish You A Good Morning

If you are feeling a bit down, Heidi Klum gifted the fans a clip where she is dancing in a tiny thong bikini to wish everyone a 'Good Morning' 

By Ingrid Mateos

- August 04 , 2022 - 09:52 hs
Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum (AP)

Are you stressed and with a lot of things to do? You will only need 10 seconds to brighten your day all thanks to Heidi Klum who has shared a cute clip of her dancing for the camera and looking better than ever.

Shared with her more than 9 million fans and followers on social media Heidi Klum shared a short video where she is wearing a tiny thong bikini. In it, we see her approaching the camera while dancing playfully with her arms in the air and a big smile on her face. In the background, we can hear Gene Kelly singing 'Good Morning.'

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The supermodel completed the look with a hat and a pair of sunglasses sending all the summer vibes we all need. In the background, we can see a lot of palm trees and the blue sky.

The clip which has already gathered more than 50k likes was captioned by the model with a bunch of emojis such as a smiling face, a sun, praying hands, a red heart, a butterfly, a fish, a bikini, and a unicorn.

Fortunately for all the fans of the model, Heidi Klum has been sharing some more bikini pics previous to this one. In one of the past posts, fans were delighted to see her posing topless only wearing white bikini bottoms while smirking at the camera, while in another post she wore a rainbow bikini flaunting her curves.

Heidi Klum and her husband Tom Kaulitz have been on a trip to celebrate their anniversary. In another post on social media, she could not stop gushing about him. “As long as it is you and I ❤️ feeling like the luckiest person in the world.” the model wrote.

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Klum has always shared her thoughts about her husband. In an interview with Us Weekly, she also said that she felt lucky to be by his side. He’s the kindest, sweetest, most caring, loving person,”  she said.

“I feel so lucky. I don’t know when I was this happy the last time in my life. I mean, I am with my children, but with, you know, a man. He’s absolutely wonderful.”

When celebrating their second anniversary, the model also gushed about him. "I mean, I found my match, finally," Klum said to ET "I am very romantic and I do a lot of weird things like I leave notes everywhere and I do a lot of things for him, and it's beautiful when you get that back from your partner. And it's the first time I feel like I really have a partner to do everything with."

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