Harry Styles Celebrates Pride Month By Helping A Fan Come Out During Wembley Stadium Show

Harry Styles is the best ally in the world! To celebrate Pride Month the singer helped a fan to come out during one of his concerts

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 22 , 2022 - 18:18 hs
Harry Styles

Harry Styles (AP, Tiktok)

While we all can imagine how hard it must be to come out publicly sd s a member of the LGBT community, we just can't think of a better way to do it than with the blessing of Harry Stiles himself. During one of his concerts at Wembley Stadium in London, the Watermelon Sugar star made the night super special for a fan who asked for help to come out. A better way to celebrate Pride month? Impossible.

Using a sign that read  “From Ono to Wembley: Help Me Come Out” Harry Styles chose to help this fan make his dream come true by helping him come out officially.

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“OK, so you would like the people of Wembley to bring you out. OK? All right,” Styles said while giving back the sign to the crowd and seconds later holding up a rainbow flag. Needless to say that the crowd was roaring. “Make some noise for Mattia everyone! OK, when this flag goes above my head, you are officially out. I think that’s how it works” he said while laughing. “Alright, when this flag goes over the head, you’re officially gay, my boy!”

Harry Styles then went on running around the stage with the rainbow flag not reaching his head.  “Nope, still straight!” Styles said making everyone laugh. In the end, he raised it high congratulating the fan. “Congratulations, Mattia, you’re a free man!”

Styles has been a long-time ally of the LGBTQ+ community and has spoken in the past about sexual and gender fluidity. In an interview in Homes & Garden Magazine, he spoke about the reasons why he has not spoken about his sexuality despite it has been a topic of debate over the years.

'I've been open with it with my friends, but that's my personal experience; it's mine,' he said. 'The whole point of where we should be heading, which is toward accepting everybody and being more open, is that it doesn't matter, and it's about not having to label everything, not having to clarify what boxes you're checking.'"

This is not the first time Harry Styles help a fan come out. Back in 2018, another sign was made by a fan that read "I'm gonna come out to my parents because of you!!!" During the concert in a very polite way, the singer asked the fan the name of her mom and later simply shouted "TINA, SHE'S GAY!"

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