Camila Cabello Posing With Puppies And Make-Up Free, Is Thankful After Breaking Up Shawn Mendes

After breaking up her long-time relationship, Camila Cabello is trying to find brighter days and revealed that she is grateful for her friends who support her

By Ingrid Mateos

- November 25 , 2021 - 17:28 hs
Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello (AP)

Breaking up with your long-time boyfriend seems like a very hard thing to go through especially if holidays and special days are just around the corner but it seems that Camila Cabello is trying to reach the best in life and is now finding some calm after the storm.

It seems that the singer has found her happy place after all since she has posted on social media to her more than 58 million fans and followers a wholesome video that we highly bet will make you smile.

In the clip, we can see Camila Cabello posing with her puppies. To make it even better in the video we can see that she is wearing no make-up and her hair is messily done in a casual bun. As a caption, the 'Señorita' star sent a message to all her friends, fans, and followers declaring that she has found some time to think about how grateful she is for her friends being there and supporting her.

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Despite she did not mention it directly, most fans think that she is referring to her close friends and being thankful after breaking up with Shawn Mendes. “I have a lot to be thankful for, but I’m especially grateful that I gotta whole squad trying to hang w me while I meditate” the singer captioned.

She continued, “happy gratitude day everybody! I’m very thankful for all of you on here who send me love, listen to my music, and support me on this creative/ life journey! even though I haven’t met a lot of you,” she said, adding that she is aware of all the good wishes they sent to her.

“You guys show me love, kindness, and support and I’m sending it to all of you right back! After all, we’re all alive at the same time in this crazy, confusing, magical world and I do believe we’re all interconnected and are never truly alone. Grateful for my human family and friends and my plant and animal family and friends ❤️ Sending you guys so much love and gratitude today ❤️” the singer concluded.

A couple of weeks ago, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes released a joint statement announcing they were breaking up after two years together. In the message, they said that despite they were no longer together they were remaining friends and that they appreciated the fans for supporting them in the journey.

Although it was not revealed why they broke up, it was revealed that the one who brought the idea was Shawn Mendes because he felt the relationship was stale and complacent. “It just wasn’t a relationship that can move forward at this point,” a source said to People. “It seems the romance just fizzled.”

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