Bye-Bye Blue! Karol G Unveils New Red Hair Giving 'Little Mermaid' Vibes

Karol G no longer has her signature blue hair and instead is sporting red hues that remind us of 'The Little Mermaid', needless to say, the fans are already loving it

By Ingrid Mateos

- August 02 , 2022 - 16:42 hs
Karol G, Little Mermaid

Karol G, Little Mermaid (Instagram, Disney)

Under The Sea! While the fans loved the idea of watching Karol G every single time showing off her long blue locks, a new bichota era is coming, with the singer ditching her signature color hair and changing it to the opposite side, instead of a cold tone now we are seeing a warm one.

In several concerts, her music videos and even just relaxing near heavenly beaches, Karol G showed the fans that having blue hair was the coolest thing in the world. Unfortunately, that stage in her life is over, and now, she is sporting red bright hair giving Little Mermaid vibes.

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Because her hair is such an important part of her image, Karol G announced this change with a big reveal posting on her social media a clip to unveil the new look.

“Two weeks of being in love with seeing myself in the mirror and not being able to show it," Karol G captioned her post in Spanish to her more than 55 million fans and followers. "So, when you see me in the streets and say: 'EaAaaa Maria BebEee that red hair looks gorgeous on you.'"

At the beginning of the video, we do not see her and just listen to what she had to say. “Officially this is my first video with red hair and I am so very happy...I will show it to you in 3,2,1...”Then, she is seen with red hair with a smile from ear to ear while wearing a white bathrobe.

The post has already reached more than 21 million views with her fans praising the color change. There were some fans that said that even bald she would look incredible.

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Back in July, Karol G detaiñed why she chose to change her hair blue despite everyone loved it. "I want to thank everyone who loved this era," Karol wrote. "I'm definitely ready for everything that's happening next. Next level unlocked. And no, I don't have blue hair anymore, but I know that we're all going to love what's coming next."

The new post comes a day after she shared a bunch of pics hinting that the change was coming. “We went all out with tears because we said goodbye to the past, of a stage, I will never forget, of people I loved a lot, of incredible success, of re-connecting with myself, of the most successful album of my career until now, of my first sold-out shows, of my first stadiums, of songs for my heartbreak, of my No. 1 songs, of songs for people who I loved but were no good for me, from drinking ‘200 Copas’ with my friends to feeling free as in ‘Provenza.’”

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