Ben Affleck Can't Keep His Hands Off Jennifer Lopez As They Celebrate Her Birthday In St. Tropez

Bennifer 2.0 Summer Edition is here to stay. Jennifer Lopez is celebrating her 52nd birthday and Ben Affleck is with her, do we need to say more? 

By Ingrid Mateos

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (Instagram)

And we are not blaming him, just the opposite, in fact. After many rumors and subsequent hints and not-so-subtle hidden messages, we can finally say that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are having the blast of their lives making us all swoon over every picture of them together.

So, the Bennifer 2.0 Summer edition is here, and with that a bunch of pictures of them together (Finally!) It seems like we have to than Leah Remini for slipping that picture of Ben and Jen on her video where she gave us a glimpse of her birthday because, two days later the American singer celebrated her 52nd birthday, and with it, she went Insta official with Affleck.


In the pictures, we saw her wearing an amazing orange bikini, a bright caftan, and colorful high heels, but in the last one of that set of snaps, like a cherry on top, Jen added a pic of her and Ben Affleck sweetly kissing. (Days have passed and we are still screaming) So, the couple is in St. Tropez celebrating her birthday as we said, and well, they were spotted relaxing on a yacht and we highly bet the image will give you a lot of feelings, mostly nostalgia.


The snaps we are talking about are where we can see Ben placing his hand on Lopez's derriere, calling her attention and she rewarded him with a kiss. Looks familiar enough? Let's refresh your mind. This seems to be a recreated scene straight out of Jen's "Jenny From the Block" music video from back in the day (when she and Ben were still dating back in 2002) which features something similar.

Ok, but did you think that the yacht was the only celebration? Of course not! After those PDA came more demonstrations of love, and if we have to describe them, we are going to use the word 'wild'  They headed out to celebrate at L'Opera, and pictures and videos were shared on the media where we can see him whispering in her ear while she is lip-syncing her own song  "Jenny from the Block".

According to fashion blogger Rebel Neda, who spoke to ET, Lopez, and Affleck arrived at L'Opera with their entourage at around 9 p.m. on Saturday. "They looked very happy and were kissing throughout the night and looked super in love," Neda said. "They were very friendly to other party-goers ... Ben and J.Lo felt very comfortable and had the time of their life with the crazy, personal birthday show that L'Opera put on for them."

L'Opera Instagram

All of this comes after J.Lo graciously dodged a direct question about Ben Affleck. Hoda Kotb told Lopez that she noticed she looks a lot happier in recent photos of her rekindled relationship with Ben Affleck. She then asked the singer to confirm or not, saying, "Are you happier?" before Lopez dodged the question like an expert and started talking about her new song with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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