You Won't Believe How Beautiful Monica Bellucci Looks Cooking Spaghetti

Monica Bellucci has left us speechless with one of her recent pictures where we can see her wearing a black bodysuit while cooking spaghetti

By Ingrid Mateos


Monica Bellucci (AFP)

Monica Bellucci is as beautiful as ever and her fans on social media can testify this. The Italian actress, who by the way is 56 years old and apparently has found the fountain of youth, shared a black and white picture where we can see her cooking spaghetti in a giant saucepan wearing what looks like a black bodysuit. When you read the description of the snap, you might think it looks a bit simple but just check out the photograph and agree with us that Monica Belluci looks astonishing.

The picture will be featured in the 2021 May cover story for the French Magazine Figaro. In it, Monica Belluci thanked all the people and brands involucrated, including Cartier (where she is an ambassador) Dolce & Gabbana, and the photographer Sabine Villiard.


'La Bellissima' Bellucci, as they call her, will be soon seen in the upcoming film 'The Befana Comes At Night 2' and about it, Monica revealed to the french outlet that she will portray a witch "A benevolent witch who saves children," she says. She is filming the movie in Italy and declared that since 2014 she has not been there “It makes me really happy to go back. It's my first children's film, I'm having a lot of fun."

Actually, Monica Bellucci who has been known for becoming the oldest Bond Girl, declared that she has faced some kind of criticism due to her longevity in screens but she has the smartest reply. "When I started, at 25, I never imagined being still on movie sets. at 50 years old. But women of my generation have had access to social life and opportunities that our mothers and grandmothers were denied. I believe that we must really thank all those who fought for us, before us, so that we could vote, have rights, work, free our word… And then today, we live so much longer… ”

And you might think Monica Bellucci has been low on the radar but in fact, she has been working hard. First, she was shooting 'The Girl in the Fountain' later 'Fantasies', then 'L'Amour Flou' but as for now she is really focusing in 'The Befana...' and her upcoming film where she will be starring next to Liam Neeson and Guy Pearce titled 'Memory'. This film is a remake of the 2003 Belgian film The Memory of a Killer and we will see Liam Neeson as an assassin-for-hire (no way!) later becoming a target for not completing a job while drawing the ire of a mogul tech, played by the Italian model.

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