Sofia Vergara shared a throwback photo wearing the tiniest bikini in the world

Sofia Vergara is surprising us all by posting on her social media account a throwback picture wearing an amazing bikini that you must see

By Ingrid Mateos

- April 18 , 2021 - 07:55 hs
Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara - Chris Pizzello (AP)

Sofia Vergara is someone who no matter what she posts on her social media accounts, we are always looking forward to what is coming next. The Colombian actress delighted her fans with an insanely hot picture and we can't handle it enough. We do not know what is it about throwback pictures that we love them so much, no matter what it is and it seems Sofia Vergara knows about this fascination so she decided that the best way to feed our souls was to post this amazing picture where her more than 21 million followers will not let me lie, she looks amazing.


Having over 473,000 reactions and more than 3,000 comments, Instagram users flooded the actress with astonished comments stressing how gorgeous she looks and when you see the picture in question you would agree with all of us. In the pic, Sofia's standing next to a palm tree while looking over her shoulder at the camera, parting her lips in an alluring expression while wearing a snakeskin print bikini with her long hair featuring blonde highlights. With such a picture, it does not really need a lengthy caption so she only wrote “#tbt Miami the 90s” "Holy hotness!” one fan wrote. “Still look the same,” said another.

If you are not a follower on her social media account (you seriously should), you are missing some other throwback pictures since last month Sofia Vergara shared another picture but this time wearing a white bikini and a flower atop her ear. These pictures were around the '90s when Vergara was around her 20s, probably when she was starting her career as a co-host for the Spanish-language television network Univisión. Sofia's more recent-day photos and selfies also attract a lot of attention on social media, because the star is not shy about showing off her enviable figure.

The Modern Family star says she has that amazing body because she drinks a lot of water and has a healthy diet that includes vegetables, blueberries, green tea, and chamomile tea and she adds collagen powder to the mix. And about her skincare, she shared "I used to do masks and scrubs and rubs and things-I mean, I'm crazy about products - but I've had to simplify as I've gotten older," she previously told Health."I have rosacea – It's redness and sensitivity. If you put on too much stuff, there is irritation, so I have to keep it very simple." And about her workout routine, if her work allows it she goes to the gym five times a week, it might seem that she likes way too much going to the gym but she has revealed that it is total torture for her.

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