Sofia Vergara Is Posing Completely Naked Celebrating National Coffee Day

Do you want something hot and steamy? Drink a cup of coffee! Sofia Vergara is celebrating National Coffee Day with a spectacular snap covering herself only with coffee beans

By Ingrid Mateos

- September 30 , 2021 - 17:59 hs
Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara (Sofia Verggara)

Who does not love a steamy cup of coffee? What about a steamy cup while watching a daring snap of Sofia Vergara? We bet the experience is unbeatable. The Colombian actress has made us realize how much we really love the hot brewed drink with a simple picture on her social media.

We are used to seeing from time to time some pictures of Sofia Vergara wearing the tiniest bikinis or even posing completely sensual but this time, the former model shared an image leaving all her fans speechless.


Shared to her more than 23 million fans on Insta we can see Sofia Vergara posing completely naked lying on top of a ton of coffee beans, apparently, from her homeland. Her caption reads “Happy #nationalcoffee day All Colombian cafe.” Vergara is seen with some coffee beans covering her breasts, her glowing skin, and her characteristic long hair.

Sofia, who by the way is 49 years and looks spectacular, received a lot of comments on her comment section from fans and friends. “How is it to wake up every day and be Sofia Vergara?” one fan commented.

“Ain’t nobody looking at that damn coffee,” another user noted. “I want the coffee beans you’re laying on!” a fan joked. “teach me your ways please ma’am,” wrote another fan while another joked “ No one is looking at that d—n coffee.” Meanwhile, Paris Hilton reacted with several flame emojis, while Charlotte McKinney used a hot face emoji to make her point.

Hours after she posted this she later shared a snap with some friends 'Noche de Ladies' which translates to Ladies Night. She was seen wearing a black corset, and in the snap, we clearly spot her friend Heidi Klum and other two unknown women.

Fans of the actress could not be happier for her since she recently revealed what she has struggled with Thyroid cancer. "At 28 years old during a routine doctor's visit, my doctor felt a lump in my neck," the Modern Family star said. "They did a lot of tests and finally told me I had thyroid cancer. When you're young and you hear that word 'cancer,' your mind goes to so many places but I tried not to panic and I decided to get educated."

She continued, "I read every book and found out everything I could about it. I was fortunate to have caught it early and to have the support of my doctors and most importantly, my family. I learned a lot during that time, not just about thyroid cancer but I also learned that in times of crisis, we're better together."

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