Sofia Vergara Is Celebrating Her Birthday Wearing A Purple Bikini

Happy Birthday, Sofia Vergara! The Colombiana actress is celebrating her birthday wearing one of the most amazing purple swimsuits we have ever seen.

By Ingrid Mateos

- July 10 , 2021 - 17:49 hs
Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara - Paul A. Hebert (AP)

Congratulations are in order! The amazing Sofia Vergara is celebrating her birthday and what a better way to do it than enjoying the best of life. The Colombian actress was born on July 10, 1972, and we will save you doing the math and just tell you that she is 49 years old and looks like she found the fountain of youth.

Sofia Vergara has blessed our stay on social media thanks to her several pictures being all charming and beautiful, however, the latest one was one that left more than one in awe. Her 22 million followers were certainly delighted when Sofia showcased her amazing killer curves wearing a tight purple bikini along with a bright yellow sash. , her long hair on display, wearing sunglasses, and a big smile on her face. In the background, we can see a paradisiac beach full of palm trees and white sand. She captioned the pic, “Bday day!! #casachipichipi.” Her comment section was full of good wishes and a lot of love. Heidi Klum is among the ones who wrote a sweet message“Love you very much Birthday girl. Wishing you the best day”


The 'Modern Family' star has been sharing with us her getaway location and while many wonder where is this exotic place it seems that nobody has a clue. But what we do know is that she is having a great time with her family since we have seen, for example, a clip with her family while on the beach.

Joe Manganiello, Sofia's husband, obviously has been with her celebrating and also shared some pics on his Insta where he dedicated her a message. "¡Feliz Cumpleaños al amor de mi vida!" the actor wrote to his wife. In English, the post translates to "Happy birthday to the love of my life!" Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello married back in 2015. The first time they met was a year before when he gushed over Vergara in an interview for the Hottest Bachelors issue of People Magazine.

However, the birthday wishes did not stop there. One of her 'Modern Family' co-stars, Sarah Hyland, also dedicated a sweet message on her social media. "It's @sofiavergara 's world. We're just blessed to be living in it? Happy Birthday my loves!!!!!!!" Hyland captioned the photo. Vergara responded to her on-screen niece with eye-hearted emojis.

Funnily enough, his is not the only birthday they celebrated. Last week Sofia Vergara posted a lot of snaps of her tiny dog Bubbles, a chihuahua that, according to her, loves her husband more. I have to say, he treats her like she's a little daughter he has. But she insists on, you know, behaving like a concubine or like a mistress or something," Vergara told Fallon. "She sleeps with him. She gets angry when I walk into the room. It's a whole thing now in the house."

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