Salma Hayek Pole dancing leaves us wanting for more!

The talented actress always amazes us with her doing. This time with a video clip where we can see her pole dancing!

By Ingrid Mateos


Salma Hayek (AFP)

Have you ever dreamt about watching Salma Hayek in a Pole dance? Let us indulge you with this. The Mexican-American actress posted a Boomerang video on her Instagram account and all of us are fascinated.

Salma Hayek Pinault, who is 54 years old is quite versatile and active on her Instagram account looking gorgeous as ever. This is the reason why so many envy her, and with good reason. She recently posted a variety of pictures where we can see her sculptural figure wearing quite a collection of bikinis. The “Desperado” star has declared that she does not diet, but at that time she did because of the role she was going to play in her latest movie “Bliss” next to Owen Wilson.

Apart from the pictures, she has uploaded quite a bunch of videos where we can see her having fun, pandemic crisis and lockdowns do not stop the actress when talking about having fun. Her latest video uploaded this week shows her quite comfortable wearing a black pair of pants, a black blouse, and black sneakers. “My version of pole dancing after eating a hotdog with jalapeños” can be read as a comment from her. At the moment the video has over 895k views and one thousand comments.

Is she channeling her “Dusk Till Dawn” role? Well, we do not know, but certainly, her fans are remembering the horror film directed by Robert Rodriguez. Some fans even go further and started commenting to her to “bring the python” alluding to the snake she appears with while dancing in a really endearing scene next to Geroge Clooney and even Quentin Tarantino.


Salma has been recently on the eye of everyone with all the gossip is swirling around her. Thanks to the recent interview she granted, instead of talking about her films or philanthropic activities, people do nothing else than to talk about if her marriage is for love or for money. The actress does not take to heart the comments and instead declares that all those ill comments are an insult to her. But whatever, fifteen years of marriage talks by itself. Later on in the same interview, she spoke about the struggles she faced when filming the Desperado movie and its sex scene. Claiming that Antonio Banderas ever the gentleman helped her in this situation.

Her latest film “Bliss” with Owen Wilson is now available on Amazon Prime, and do not forget we will see her in the upcoming movie “Eternals” from the Marvel Cinematic Universe where she has stated quite boldly that she did not know anything about the story, comics or her character but signed anyway because she trusted the director (Chloe Zhao)

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