Nicole Kidman Shared A Snap Looking Like Taylor Swift's Identical Twin

One is a singer, the other is a renowned actress, but that does not mean that they do not share some similarities and this snap proves it

By Ingrid Mateos

- October 19 , 2021 - 19:16 hs
Nicole Kidman, Taylor Swift

Nicole Kidman, Taylor Swift (Twitter)

The first thought that pops in your mind every time you hear about Nicole Kidman is probably the generic ones like 'redhead,' 'actress,' 'beautiful,' if you have a very good memory probably you can mention words like 'Moulin Rouge' or 'Tom Cruise.' But, have you ever linked the Australian actress to Taylor Swift?

We bet most Swifties have not thought about this but Nicole Kidman has shared a photograph on social media and she obviously looks more than beautiful but what surprised the fans most is that she is looking like Taylor Swift's identical twin.


The picture was shared by Nicole Kidman on her social media platform where more than seven million fans appreciated the snap. The picture has a warm filter and we see the actress twirling around while her white dress looks like it is waving at the camera. Her hand is doing a delicate movement while her characteristic red lips are seen from afar. She seems to be in a garden since the background is all green and some flowers are spotted.

"'We all find our own way.'" Kidman captioned and fans quickly started to praise her on the comment section, but as quick as this happened the fans also noted the amazing resemblance. “I thought that was Taylor Swift,” one fan commented on the photo. “Is that T Swift?” someone else asked.

While she really looks like the identical twin of Taylor Swift, Nicole is honoring her husband Keith Urban and his latest song 'Crimson Blue' which debuted in Nicole's drama series 'Nine Perfect Strangers.'

As an interesting fact here, back in 2020, Nicole Kidman revealed that she is, in fact, a Swiftie. (for those of you who do not know the word, it means she is Taylor's fan.) The actress showed her admiration for the 'Shake it off' singer when she posted on her social media a video where we can appreciate her singing skills while on the set of 'The Beguiled' wearing her costume and comparing it to the cover of the 'Folklore' album.

"On the set of #BeguiledMovie #Folklore Sisters... Love this album xx," Nicole wrote. Taylor Swift obviously saw this and replied to her with a very enthusiastic comment. "This just made me GRIN, you're the greatest," the singer commented on her post, which has already been liked by over 191,000 fans, including good friend Jennifer Aniston.

In fact, over the years it has been revealed that Nicole has attended several concerts of the singer and even one time she went backstage to meet her. "Thank you @taylorswift for your kindness to my girls and me," she wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of both of them hugging. "Beautiful woman inside and out - and your talent is extraordinary."

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