Lil Nas X Wants To Be Spiderman As He Poses with Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland

A spidey reunion is happening! Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland reunited at the GQ Men Of the year party. Lil Nas X joined them and declared he wants to play Miles Morales

By Ingrid Mateos

- November 21 , 2021 - 13:04 hs
Anddrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Lil Nas X

Anddrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Lil Nas X (AFP, Twitter)

News photos of Tom Holland are welcome, but if you add Andrew Garfield next to him the snap would be exciting, now imagine that not only them but Lil Nas X happens to be next to them. Could it be more epic than that? Probably if you add Tobey Maguire to the equation but this is sadly not the case. However, you just can't deny that seeing the three of them is as incredible as it sounds.

The 2021 GQ Men of the Year Party in West Hollywood was celebrated recently and many famous and known faces attended including Nicolas Cage and his wife Riko Shibata, Diplo, Kumail Nanjiani, and Andrew Garfield.

Now, probably you have heard but Spider-man: No Way Home is just around the corner and what it is known so far is that several villains are set to appear including the Green Goblin who appeared in Tobey Maguire's Spiderman and Electro from Andrew Garfield's Spiderman.

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The interesting part here is that during the GQ Party Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield reunited and embraced each other in a big hug. This is not the first time they met, back in 2017 at the BAFTA awards is apparently marked as their first encounter although it was a very polite and serious affair. (and still, they want us to believe they never met between the first and second occasion?)


Both looked all cool and collected. Andrew Garfield was wearing a leather jacket and black pants while Tom Holland wore a brown-yellowish suit with glasses. Fans are saying that Robert Downy Jr. Is truly inspiring him but that is left to the fans to decide.


At some point at the party., another snap was taken and this time Lil Nas X joined them and we got the amazing snap thanks to him who shared it on his social media. “The rumors are true I will be playing miles morales” LNX captioned. Miles Morales is another version of Spiderman introduced recently on the Marvel Spiderverse.

Tom Holland and Lil Nas X are the ones honored with this year's title 'GQ Men Of The Year' and obviously, they were in attendance too. According to GQ, both men (alongside  Giannis Antetokounmpo who did not attend the party) are being the chosen ones this year because of their bravery.

For Lil Nas X it was because he “is able to craft mega-musical hits and pair them with big pop visual provocations more fearlessly than anyone since Madonna” However, the rapper has also updated “the pop-provocateur algorithm with his savant-like knack for commanding attention, and scorching naysayers via social media.”

Meanwhile, according to the outlet Tom Holland “might actually have become bigger than Spider-Man.” and now he has to decide “how much of himself he will continue to give to being a superhero, and what it means to just be an actor”.

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