Kim Kardashian Shares Pics with Pete Davidson Having Fun Before Posting A Pic Of Kanye

Fans got to see Kim Kardashian having fun with Pete Davidson on an exotic beach, but she also shared a pic of Kanye with their kids

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 19 , 2022 - 11:57 hs
Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, Kanye West

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, Kanye West (AP, Instagram)

Kim, your Libra is showing! In the almost impossible case, you have not heard, Kim Kardashian is having her best days in life alongside her boyfriend Pete Davidson. They have been spotted having dinner, strolling around, and having fun on exotic beaches, however, the beauty mogul recently showed that she can be civil too and shared a pic of Kanye making fans roar after her move.

First of all, Kim Kardashian shared a couple of pictures with Pete Davidson having fun and shortly, shared a picture of Kanye West with their four kids in order to celebrate Father's Day.

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In the pictures with Pete Davidson, Kim K was seen having lots of fun while he was finally spotted in the snaps. The former SNL comedian does not have social media platforms so fans deem that every time he makes a special appearance is more than welcome.

In the first snap, Pete Davidson is the one taking a selfie while Kim Kardashian wearing black shorts and a white top bikini is with her arms in the air and atop a paddle board. The best of this picture? Pete's tattoo on his collarbone reads “my girlfriend is a lawyer.”

In the next pictures we can see them together, Pete shirtless and showing off his tattoos while Kim is sans shorts but wearing black bikini bottoms while her blonde hair is cascading down her back. Because we are talking about Kim, there is obviously a snap of her showing off her famous curves and looking amazing with the clear water of the sea behind her.,

“Stranded  “ she captioned, eliciting comments from their fans and friends telling them that they are beautiful together.

However, later she posted two pictures of Kanye West with their four kids to celebrate Father's Day. “Thank you for being the best dad to our babies and loving them the way you do! Happy Father’s Day Ye,” Kim captioned while in the picture we get to see the rapper alongside North, Chicago, Saint, and Psalm.

Kim Kardashian's Instagram

While their relationship appears to be amicable between the ex-couple, Kim talked a bit about her marriage in The Kardashians admitting that she does not know how their relationship lasted so long. "If people knew what my relationship really was like, I think they would be like, 'How did this last this long?'" Kim said. "But I can live with myself knowing that I tried everything humanly possible to make a situation work and so I can walk away feeling absolutely guilt-free."

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