Kendall Jenner Looks Like A Glamorous Catwoman Wearing Balenciaga In Vogue China Cover

Kendall Jenner is featured on the cover of Vogue China, wearing Balenciaga and looking like Catwoman

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 15 , 2022 - 08:58 hs
Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner (AP)

Stop whatever you are doing because Kendall Jenner is breathtakingly beautiful in the latest picture unveiled where she is posing for the cover of Vogue China. Kendall, who is currently the highest-paid model in the world, proves here why she has held that title for so long.

The picture was not revealed by Vogue China or Kendall herself, but the cover picture was unveiled by the fashion photography duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin on their social media platforms.

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For the cover of Vogue China Magazine's July 2022 edition, Kendall Jenner looks like a glamorous Catwoman by wearing a Balenciaga outfit, making Anne Hathaway and Zoe Kravits worthy opponents of the model.

In the picture, it appears that Kendall Jenner is not only channeling Catwoman, but also two members of her famous family. First, we can spot Kim Kardashian's inspiration since she is the one who is always wearing Balenciaga and this outfit looks exactly the same one Kim wore at the Met Gala in 2021 sans mask.

The other family member Kendall Jenner is channeling? Her mom. In the picture, you can see that Kendall is looking like a younger version of Kris Jenner since her hair is short and a bit waxy, just like her mother when she was young.

In fact, makeup artist Sam Visser shared the picture too and Kendall commented “Kris Jenner was the mood.”

In the picture, we can spot Kendall wearing Balenciaga with her short hair, a pair of sunglasses, and accessorized with gold chains serving as belts in the outfit. To complete the look she added a chunky gold necklace.

This photoshoot for Vogue China comes a few weeks after it was revealed by Kris Jenner in an episode of The Kardashians that Kim Kardashian bumped her sister in the American version of the outlet. "Last week American Vogue did a fantastic, amazing cover try with Kendall and as they were shooting, they called me from the set and said, 'By the way, they want to offer Kendall the cover of the March issue.' I was just so excited," Kris Jenner first told Kim.

Vogue China & Instagram

However, the news quickly changed its course. "I just got a call this morning from Kendall's agent, and he says, 'Good news, bad news … I am not sure that Kendall is going to be right for this cover.'" As for the good news, "They asked Kim to do the cover," Kris said.

Obviously, no one wanted to break the news to Kendall.  "I feel so bad. It's bittersweet. I'm not telling her!" Kim said.

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