Kendall Jenner Is Posing In A Green Bikini And A Pink Cowgirl Hat

Once again Kendall Jenner is wearing an amazing outfit while soaking up the sun. This time the model is showing some skin with a tiny bikini and a bedazzled cowboy hat

By Ingrid Mateos

- October 27 , 2021 - 11:47 hs
Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner (AP)

Winter is coming but Kendall Jenner does not care at all and just proves that every day is bikini day. The American model astonished us all with one of her most recent snaps where we can say she looks better than ever.

Kendall has graced our feeds since we have memory with amazing photoshoots and selfies showing off her amazing figure but this time we could say that her outfit is totally a statement since she is just looking all chill sitting next to a pool.

The model shared on her social media platform four snaps to her more than 196 million fans and followers who simply can't just get enough of her. In the first snap, we can see Kendall wearing a tiny green bikini. To finish her amazing look she is also wearing a pink cowgirl hat bedazzled with her initials.

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Now if you did not get enough bling with the hat, the next snap also shows a bedazzled bottle of 818 Tequila, which is her own brand. If you think about it, Kendall really likes to be the cowboy girl if you compare this hat with her look promoting her tequila.

Surprise, surprise! The next snap shows Kendall too but accompanied by no other than Hailey Bieber (a hat for her included too). Both Kendall and Hailey attended their friend Lauren Perez's bachelorette party where we can conclude they had a lot of fun. Te soon-to-be-bride also shared some more snaps where we can see the group of friends next to a limo.

Some fans were shocked to see Kendall and Hailey together but what everybody should know is that they are close friends since many years ago since they started to rise to fame around the same year around 2011 and 2011. Kendall has revealed that Hailey was friends with her sister Kylie but somehow she bonded with her more.

And in case you are wondering, yes, it said that Kendall was dating Justin before Hailey but hey! That did not matter at all and they are still close friends despite this.

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Anyway, it looks like Kendall Jenner is finally having some free time to have some fun with her friends. Just a couple of days ago she was quite busy visiting her 818 Tequila distillery where she revealed that she spend some time with her team.

Also, the previous snaps we got of her were during an NBA game where we saw her kissing her boyfriend Devin Booker after winning the match. We know that she is quite private about the relationship but celebrations were needed after the amazing game.

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