Ewan McGregor’s Daughter, Clara McGregor, Stars in Bluebella Lingerie Campaign

Clara McGregor is ready for Christmas with this new Bluebella Lingerie campaign where she looks absolutely stunning

By Ingrid Mateos

- October 14 , 2021 - 13:05 hs

Clara McGregor (Bluebella)

Clara McGregor, Ewan McGregor's daughter is now all grown up and is the new star of Bluebella's holiday campaign which launched mid-October 2021.

The pictures were released on Bluebellla's webpage and on their social media platforms. In the snaps, we get to see a very seductive Clara wearing several lingerie sets from red to black. Since it is a holiday campaign you certainly can expect all the Christmas colors apart from the red and black like red and plum.

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The 25-year-old model is also seen wearing silky pajamas, stockings, and a suspender harness, among other items. According to Bluebella's website, the brand is designed to “redefine sensuality. Highly wearable, seductive, and affordable.”Clara confirms this in a statement where she reveals why she decided to participate in this sultry collaboration.

“I chose to do the Bluebella campaign because the brand is run by women and their lingerie is made for women and not made for them to please their partners, and they are the most beautiful lingerie I’ve ever seen,” McGregor said in a press release.

Clara McGregor thinks that women should not only look seductive but powerful. “All their pictures show women in a position of power, never submissive and so I knew if I was ever going to do a lingerie campaign it was going to be with them.”

Ewan's daughter also admits that another aspect that attracted her to Bluebella is the support they show for the LGBTQ community, something you do not see so often. “I think it’s really important to acknowledge trans women and that is something that I’ve seen Bluebella do, along with other members of the LGBTQ+ community,” she said. “I’m bisexual myself so I’m always wanting to work with them.”


Clara has suffered from chronic anxiety and opened about this and her struggles with substance abuse. “I couldn’t have done this campaign three or four years ago,” she shared. “To jump on a plane and meet new people, and shoot a lingerie campaign … Anxiety is suffocating and you just end up limiting yourself.”


At some point around these years, Clara admits that her loved ones, her family, and her partner film producer Jimmy Giannopoulos helped her to reach sobriety. My sister Esther and my mum are a great help. If I'm going through it, it often helps just to talk through it with family and my partner spotted that things were getting out of hand, they said, "you're just not yourself anymore". 


She adds that it was a really hard time for her, but that he realized she needed to stop taking Xanax since she had no energy and started forgetting things. “That's the scary thing, I would forget whole chunks of days.”

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