Elizabeth Hurley Looks Sexy But Drunk Wearing A Supergirl Costume And Fishnets

Proving that she needs to be in a superhero movie, Elizabeth Hurley is wearing a Supergirl costume and fishnets,  showing off her long legs while wrestling a mysterious Superman

By Ingrid Mateos

- January 04 , 2022 - 16:34 hs
Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley (AP)

You have seen her with gorgeous gowns, you have also seen her enjoying the beach and sporting several bikinis, but have you ever watched Elizabeth Hurley cosplaying? We bet you haven't! The actress who you might recall for her famous films has shared to the world some amazing snaps enjoying herself (and a friend) while wildly partying.

Elizabeth Hurley has starred in many films including 'Bedazzled,' 'Austin Powers' and 'Passenger 57.' However, she has not been involved in any major superhero franchises like DC or Marvel movies, could this be a desperate call to catch their attention? We hope it works!

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In case you have not seen it, some pictures were released via social media where we can spot Elizabeth Hurley looking sexy but drunk wearing a Supergirl costume and fishnets alongside a mystery man who is wearing a Superman costume making all the fans go wild with such an outfit.

Supergirl vs Superman. Happy New Year everyone” Liz Hurley captioned. In the first picture, we can see the actress wearing a blond shiny wig with the emblematic 'S' in her chest while looking at the camera and giving a big smile. Her makeup is not heavy and her lips look glossy pink.

In the second one, the mysterious man wearing the Superman costume is with his arms around her. You could think that he is hugging her but if we go according to the theme he is probably wrestling with Supergirl. Elizabeth is with her mouth wide open with 'horror'


The third picture is more seductive. At this point, you can spot that Elizabeth Hurley looks a bit drunk in here but still, gorgeous as ever. She is looking at the camera while her Superman is with a hand around her waist and fighting the flash of the camera.


Last but not least, the fourth picture is the more interesting one since we can see that the man looks drunk as well while holding Elizabeth Hurley on the floor. In here we can spot her Supergirl costume in full with the blue dress, red miniskirt, red cape and fishnets included. Even we got a little glimpse at her boots that go according to the image. He is holding her hands and with half of his body on her while she is visibly laughing out loud, without mentioning that those legs are just perfect.


According to The Sun, the mystery man who dressed as Superman is named Henry Birtles, and is long friends with Elizabeth Hurley and her ex Shane Warne. “It was a laugh, OK, it was past midnight. Everyone had had a bit too much to drink and we had a Superman versus Supergirl wrestle and someone took a picture. It was pretty lighthearted” he declared to The Sun.

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