Elizabeth Hurley Looks Lovely Wearing A Provocative Pink Dress

Elizabeth Hurley is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful women and to prove it she shared three pictures wearing a tiny bright dress looking breathtaking

By Ingrid Mateos

- December 25 , 2021 - 19:16 hs
Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley (AFP)

Elizabeth Hurley is proving once again why she is one of the most beautiful women in the world after sharing a couple of photographs looking as gorgeous as ever leaving all the fans speechless and with their hearts racing fast.

The actress, who you might remember for her films 'Bedazzled', 'Passenger 57' and 'The Weight of Water' is gifting all the fans with the sight of her looking incredible and making you feel like winter does not really exist.

Shared to her more than 2 million fans and followers on social media, Elizabeth Hurley looks lovely wearing a provocative pink dress. This outfit is completely different from what we are used to since, if you recall correctly, she usually shares bikini snaps or throwback pictures.

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This time, the special occasion for the provocative pink dress was to celebrate the 2021 Christmas, and although you may be reading this in the middle of the summer or near the holidays, you just can't deny that she looks absolutely breathtaking.

In the first snap, we can spot Elizabeth Hurley with a big painting and a couch behind her. She is smiling from ear to ear to the camera while the pink dress is the protagonist of the frame. Bright, tiny, almost see-trough, and seductive could be the best description to label the clothing item. Liz is not wearing any jewelry, just a tiny heart necklace, and completed the look with her signature brunette hair cascading down her shoulders.

The second snap will probably make you laugh out loud since she is still wearing the skimpy pink dress but next to a cut-out of another well-known actor, Liam Neeson. Although she did not explain what was going on here, we bet they would look good together in real life.

Now take a sit because the third picture will surely make you faint. Elizabeth Hurley is relaxing on a couch and showing off her long legs. However, here we can see she has an injury in one of her ankles, making it more impressive that not even that stopped her from looking divine.

"Bye-bye glorious Caribbean- it’s been a blast- in spite of the sprained ankle," she wrote reveling that the accident happened while filming her film Christmas in the Caribbean "Thank you to the cast & crew of #christmasinthecaribbean for working around me with such grace and good humour."


The post with the pink dress was captioned by the actress with a short message. “Happy Christmas!! Distracted from my #ankleinjury by whom I got in my stocking @versace @donatella_versace.” While many send her good wishes and Christmassy messages, most of the fans could not contain her amazement at how good she looked. “Like a fine wine” wrote one person while another added, “Wow so beautiful and smiling hope your ankle gets better.”

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