Eiza González wears nothing but body paint in new Louis Vuitton campaign

The Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez has become the new face of the Louis Vuitton fragrance 'On the Beach'

By Ingrid Mateos

- April 01 , 2021 - 16:07 hs
Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza Gonzalez (Instagram)

Eiza Gonzalez is a talented Mexican actress know for her roles in 'Babyy Driver', 'Kong vs Godzilla' and the most acclaimed Netflix movie ' Care a Lot' alongside Rosamund Pike. Now, Gonzalez is on trend because she has become the new face of the newest Louis Vuitton fragrance 'On the Beach.'


In the picture, we can see Gonzalez's skin body-painted and with textures. Artist Alex Rodriguez, who created the bottle and package of all the perfumes, was the one to hand-paint her. Looking at her we can see pale blue, yellow, orange, and red as the main colors inspiring us to take a day off at the beach.

“It looks like I rolled on magical rainbow sand!” laughs González of the process. “It took eight full hours, almost nine actually, which is insane. And then it took almost four hours to get rid of it,” she continues. “You can imagine taking it off was like the ultimate scrub. My skin was, no joke, the softest it’s been in my entire life.”


This is the first time a Mexican is the new face for Louis Vuitton, and it is a huge personal and professional milestone for Eiza Gonzalez. She declared she grew up watching beauty campaigns in the 90s and would not see a Mexican there. “It was always kind of sold to me that I had to be a specific style of woman to be it, and the fact that girls in Mexico who are brown and Latina like me will see a campaign like this and recognize themselves in it with the scale of the brand makes me so honored and happy. It’s normalizing an image for people and making people feel included and seen.”

She was asked about what she liked most about the 'On the Beach' scent, and she declared “It feels like sunshine and the beach.” She also added that she loves to mix scents but this one “It’s soft and subtle like a second skin and that’s what I think fragrance should be.”

This fragrance is the fifth of Louis Vuitton's scent collection, which also includes the fragrances California Dream, Afternoon Swim, Cactus Garden, and Sun Song. The creator Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, wanted to resemble the sensation of sand on the skin, a sunny day, and the shoreline. "It opens with brightness and becomes a caress,” he explains.

According to Cavallier, the On the Beach fragrance includes notes of Yuzu, “a citrus from Japan that I have been passionate about for 30 years”, Neroli from Tunisia, aromatic herbs (thyme, rosemary, pink pepper, and cloves) and cypress “It is like benevolent, woody shade on a cloudless day."

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