Bridgerton Stars Rege-Jean Page And Phoebe Dynevor Looked Cute Together Reuniting At The Met

The Duke of Hastings himself Regé-Jean Page reunited with his Bridgerton costar Phoebe Dynevor taking one of the cutest pictures of the night

By Ingrid Mateos

- May 03 , 2022 - 20:06 hs
Phoebe Dynevor, Rege Jean Page

Phoebe Dynevor, Rege Jean Page (AP)

Behold! Because Kim Kardashian might have worn the Marilyn Monroe's dress but one of the stars who stole the attention was Phoebe Dynevor who looked incredible at the Met Gala, and just like her character in Bridgerton season 1, she was the diamond of the night looking flawless.

However, to make matters even better, at some point during the night festivities, Phoebe Dynevor reunited with her Bridgerton co-star Rege-Jean Page who was also in attendance, making all the fans swoon over the fact that they reunited in real life.

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The theme? Gilded Glamour. Phoebe Dynevor understood the assignment and for her special debut at the Met Gala, she wore an exquisite sheer black peplum dress with a high leg slit by Louis Vuitton. Her long brunette hair was cascading down in waves completing the desirable look.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, the actress admitted that she was nervous because it was the first time she attended the event but that she was glad to be invited. “Fashion’s biggest night is an event I have followed for years so it feels quite surreal, especially post-pandemic and all these events returning,” Dynevor said.

“It’s one of fashion’s biggest nights that really celebrates the industry and champions creativity and self-expression. I haven’t been before, so I’m super excited and intrigued, also nervous, it’s a big carpet!”

She also commented on her look.“I’m lucky to be working with such a brilliant team that understands me and my style, but especially for events like this, they are always finding looks that are authentic to my aesthetic while still pushing me to be a bit daring.”

On the other hand, Rege-Jean Page wore an Armani navy suit that made all the ladies ecstatic looking at how wonderful and dapper he looked (as usual).

Now, before you think about it, no, they are not dating although rumors of a possible relationship have come a long way. However, in an interview with You Magazine, Dynevor declared they kept things professional.


“I'd love to say there was really something between us,' she said to the publication, 'but no, it has always been strictly professional. There was so much pressure on us to get it right that it was all about the work. We have a really professional working relationship.”

Rege-Jean also spoke about it in an interview with Access Hollywood.  'I think everything you need to know is on camera. That's why we presented it so beautifully for you. All the sparks that flew off of the beautiful scripts that we were handed, and so I think that the sparky scripted material are more than enough.'

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